How to lay tiles in the bathroom

The first thing to do is prepare the surface. Remove the old tile and glue base with a chisel or hammer. Any way you need to ensure that the surface was as even as possible. Using the level you can check the slope of the surface, which should not be higher than 4-5 mm. If the slope is too big - use a primer for leveling.
Surface is ready. We unpack a tile, we are convinced of the presence of a sufficient amount of glue (we recommend using dry construction mixtures as a glue base). Preparing the adhesive solution, guided by the instructions on the packaging adhesive base. When the solution of a sufficient degree of density is ready, you can proceed to the process of laying.
It is better to lay tiles, starting from the walls in the direction from top to bottom. To lay tiles in smooth rows, you can mark the surface. Apply the glue mortar with a notched trowel, apply the tile and align its position by tapping on it with a rubber mallet.When self-laying tile, make sure that it lies evenly relative to the walls.
Having laid a tile, you can admire the work. Relax, let the glue dry. And then clean the surface of excess adhesive and dust. You can close the seams with a fugue using a rubber trowel.
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Helpful advice
It is better to get a special tile cutter in advance in order to cut the tile into pieces that will fit in those places where the whole tile does not fit.
Try to plan your laying in such a way that non-integral parts of the tile fall into the lower part of the wall, where they can be covered with furniture.
The gap between the tiles should be in the region of 2-4 mm.

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