How to learn not to reproach yourself for failures

Learn to perceive all your actions as an inseparable part of your own nature. Some people spend many hours thinking about their past, are eager to return at a certain point and fix a situation. Look at it from the other side. If you were given a second chance, you would do the same, because all your actions bear the imprint of your personality. At a particular moment you had every reason to do so, and not otherwise. Perhaps the realization of this will help you let go of past mistakes and stop worrying about them.
Understand that all your mistakes make up your life experience. Without certain blunders in the past, you could not be the same intelligent, wise, and successful person in the present. Wrong steps make you grow above yourself, receive certain information even on a subconscious level.And if you make a thorough analysis of what happened and completely disassemble the situation, your chances of getting benefit from your fiasco will increase. Draw appropriate conclusions for the future.
Believe that it is impossible to go through life without any errors. It’s not even the case that there are no ideal people, some weaknesses are common to everyone, but the fact that sometimes circumstances do not add up in the best way. You should not worry much about the fact that something went wrong. Treat blunders more philosophically. Do not forget that the absence of errors can take place only at the moment of complete inactivity. So do not be afraid to try and try. You have the right to stumble, like the surrounding.
Be more indulgent towards yourself. Imagine that an act for which you are ashamed was committed by your close friend, who has a lot of merit. If you are sure that in general he is a wonderful, kind and intelligent person, you certainly will not condemn him. So in relation to yourself you should not tune so severely. Love and appreciate yourself. If you accept your own personality and live in harmony with your own kind, you will learn to easily forgive yourself.
If some act does not give you peace, try to correct the situation. Apologize to the person who was offended. Explain how good you really are to him, and what feelings you moved at a certain point. Even if you do not understand and do not forgive, your conscience must be clear. You have tried to atone for the blame, and the problem no longer concerns you. Do the same with other situations. Instead of blaming yourself and worrying about what has been done, act, look for a way out of the current situation, and then forget about what happened.
Focus on the present moment. Stop thinking linger in the past, albeit recent. It is important for you to really, keenly realize how short and fleeting life can be. Therefore, it is not worth spending time on reflection. Think better of what can please you at the present moment, and how you can pamper yourself in the near future. Pay attention to what is happening around you, see how beautiful the world around us. Think about how big it is, and how shallow the reason for which you have been so frustrated for so long. Try to live to the fullest and get joy from it, and you should forget about unpleasant moments.

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