How to like a classmate and fall in love with a guy at school

How to please a classmate at school

How to please a classmate at school

School ... This is a place where boys and girls not only gain knowledge, but also communicate. That is why it is not surprising that one day a student will have a desire to get acquainted with a classmate she liked or a guy from a parallel class. And here she needs to know how to act.


What if you like a guy at school - how to get his attention?


If a guy likes a school, the first thing to remember is always better to be yourself to be liked by a classmate. You must be a very interesting person, so give the guy the opportunity to appreciate you. Be confident in yourself, communicating with classmates and wanting to please one of them - such people always attract the attention of others.


External is not less important than the internal, so carefully watch your appearance - beautiful neat clothes, perhaps an interesting hairdo and no cosmetic excess on the face.You should not experiment with outright clothes either, because your task is for him to see a girl in you, and not a sexual object. In addition, the decision to attract a guy is just so risky that he will constitute the wrong opinion about you.


If you have the opportunity to communicate with the subject of your sighs - turn it to your advantage. Genuinely be interested in his hobbies and problems. Let him feel that this is important for you, and he, having felt his significance, will surely set you apart from the crowd of other girls. In conversation, smile more often.


So, the goal is achieved - the guy paid attention to you? Now is the time to find out how to make acquaintance with him and even fall in love with a guy at school.


How to please a classmate at school


How to meet a guy at school


What if the lessons can not communicate, and in the noisy crowded corridors to communicate especially do not have? One has only to approach the “object” of interest to you, as it will be instantly noticed by all who are close at this moment. Therefore, we will act differently.


The ideal way to make acquaintance is to make it unobtrusive, so that everything looks natural.Then it will be immediately possible to determine without serious consequences - is the guy really determined to be friends with a member of the opposite sex?


It is better to get acquainted with the guy you like when he is not particularly busy with anything. Beforehand it is better to learn about it more. Perhaps he is well versed in any school subject? Then you need to use it. Ask him to help you - to explain the material that you do not understand. Or he is an anime fan - you can ask him to see something. Search for your points of contact and act! And in order to further interest the guy, offer him some help in return. This will help you to stand out from the crowd of the same as you "interested". Mutually beneficial cooperation is the best basis for serious friendship.


How to please a classmate at school
If you made an acquaintance, it turned out to be a banal way - by asking the "object" for a sheet, a spare pen or something else, then do not forget to continue your communication further. Greet him the next day at school. And after a few days, ask him again for something. It is likely that after that he will express a desire to get to know you, and if not, take the initiative into your own hands.The phrase “you helped me so many times, and we don’t even know each other” will be a great start.


If a guy you like has achieved something significant, for example, he took part in the school competition, taking one of the first places, then you can unobtrusively make acquaintance, approaching him and expressing your admiration for his success. Such words would be nice to hear anyone!


By applying our simple tips and recommendations, you can attract the attention of the guy you like, and perhaps this will be the beginning of your strong friendship.

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