How to love each other

Family life is never without troubles and trials, but if you remember that you are the most precious for each other, it will be easier for you to cope with them. Never blame each other, look for the cause deeper, and then the tests will not hurt you, but on the contrary, they will even unite.
Take care of each other even in trifles. Take care of each other, because it is so nice. Of course, if you are ready to swim across the ocean for the sake of your beloved, this is fine, but even a little kickshaw can bring happiness to your relationship.
Try to do together as many things as possible. Any worries and problems will not be so hard and unpleasant if they are resolved together. And if disagreements arise, try to reach a compromise. Over time, when you learn each other�s preferences, it will become easier.
Do not pay too much attention to the flaws in the exterior of the other. Of course, it may happen that after a few years from the beginning of your relationship, one of you, or maybe both, became less attractive.Do not criticize each other�s shortcomings too harshly; remember what you love. Probably just because your beloved is living on this planet.

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