How to make a child drink water

Can I get a child to drink water?

The question of how to make a small child drink water concerns many parents. Everyone understands that water is the most valuable element that affects all processes in the human body. And if a child, whose body, as you know, is 80% water, does not receive the required amount of this important substance, his body will not be strong enough and healthy. Protective functions will be weakened, and as a result it can lead to various diseases.To prevent this, parents should ensure that the baby’s diet always contains liquids, including simple purified water.
If the child is accustomed to sweet compotes, juices and carbonated drinks, parents should remember that a large amount of sugar, dyes and all sorts of harmful additives are not safe for the child's body. The most useful drink for your baby is plain water.But how to make the child drink water if he categorically refuses to do this?

Time Tips

Of course, to form the habit of drinking water is much easier from infancy. Older children, who are already accustomed to sweet drinks, are not so easy to teach. Of course, you should not force the child to drink water. Excessive pressure is fraught, and you risk getting the exact opposite result. It is important to show a little patience and use the following tips. If your child is used to drinking only juices, you can start to slowly dilute them with clean water and thus reduce the concentration of juice.This little trick will gradually and painlessly teach your child to drink water.
Older children can be negotiated by offering to drink juice only during meals, and to use plain water in the intervals between meals. Considering the fact that children love everything bright and colorful, invite your child to choose a beautiful drink or a cup from which you can drink only water. Everyone knows that children take their cue from their parents. Drink clean water yourself and regularly, gently offer your baby.Going to nature or just for a walk, do not take with you sweet compote or juice. Make it a rule to take only drinking water, it perfectly quenches thirst, and the child gradually gets used to it.
Remember that the healthy habit of drinking clean drinking water from childhood lays a solid foundation for the health of your child for life.

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