How to make a room soundproofing

Decide what kind of money you have. Calculate how much it will cost you to create an "island of silence", make an approximate list of the materials you need for this. Decide whether you will isolate the walls, the ceiling, or the entire room.
Start your work with insulation on the floor. Find and dig all the slots around the perimeter and in the joints of the plates. The best filler of such holes will be mineral wool or any other soundproof material.
Install logs on the floor in the form of cells in which you lay insulation boards. From above lay a chipboard plate and lay a carpet. Now through the floor extraneous noise will not pass. Or fill the concrete screed, through which the sound just will not pass.
The walls are isolated in a similar way, but they must first be prepared by removing all defects. Assemble the frame of metal or wooden profiles, to which you attach the drywall.Lay a layer of mineral wool in the space between the profile and the wall.
How to make <strong> soundproofing </ strong> <b> rooms </ b>
For the upper partrooms�It is best to use a suspended ceiling. He, unlike the outboard, will not increase the noise from neighbors who live on the floor above. Attach fiberglass plates to the main ceiling, and then hang suspended ceilings that absorb noise well by themselves.
How to make <strong> soundproofing </ strong> <b> rooms </ b>

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