How to make decorations for Halloween is scary beautiful!

Every year more and more enthusiasts are ready to wear scary tatters and decorate the house for Halloween for fun. If you belong to them, here are some tips on how to decorate a house for a holiday very simply and quickly. In this workshop, I will show you how to make DIY decorations for Halloween - 20 options with step by step photos how to decorate a house is scary beautiful!

How nice it is to dilute the gray autumn weekdays with a bright, warm and tasty holiday. Let this holiday come to us from the Celtic countries and its roots go far back to Western history, this does not prevent people from other countries from treating it warmly.

In Russia, the attitude towards Halloween is still ambiguous. Someone considers it an incomprehensible and uninteresting event, which only young people are interested in, and someone with enthusiasm is waiting for him to have fun from the heart!


How to make a decoration for Halloween

In any case, this holiday should begin to prepare in advance. To get the party in the right style, you should first take care of the decor of the rooms in which it will take place. Unfortunately, there are very few places in Russia where you can buy decent jewelry for this holiday.

It is best to order them on the Internet, although often network stores add thematic accessories to the range before the holiday. But you can do everything with your own hands. So, let's make our Halloween house terribly beautiful!

decorations for Halloween

The most popular decorations are:

  • Pumpkin with carved eyes
  • Cobwebs and spiders
  • Ghosts and witches
  • Bats
  • Walking zombies and mummies
  • Brooms, magic wands and other belongings
  • Black cats in all forms
  • Candles, dry leaves and other attributes of autumn

I walked a pumpkin in the garden ... and got to the party

The main attribute of Halloween is, of course, the pumpkin,and he has many options for the realization of the most daring fantasies: it can be cut in the shape of a head with a terrifying smile and crooked teeth, dressed up with an elegant hat, painted with colors, wrapped with bright threads or covered with black lace stockings - who is capable of anything.

Pumpkins ripen in the fields in October. And you can bring one such huge fruit into the house, extract all the pulp, cut a terrible attractive face and put a candlestick inside.

cvetilnik-dgeka-01 In the dark, such a head will look very scary.

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