How to make money on games?

Nowadays there are a lot of different options for earning, and one of the most popular is earning on the Internet. By playing online games, you can turn your passion into a source of income. In this article we will look at how to make money on games and how to cash them.

How to earn real money in the game

Not everyone wants to live office life, get up early in the morning, and then also get to work. The basic principle of making money in online games is this: playing with any character, you “pump” it, that is, you accumulate experience and game money and make things useful for the game. Then you can change these things for real money, or try to sell your whole character online, because many people don’t want to waste time pumping a character or want to have these or other things right away.

True, when selling a character you need to be careful: the administration of the games does not support this enrichment method, and you can get into the "ban", that is, lose access to the game site.

The second way to make money is that you can chat with game administrators and ask for the post of moderator. Your responsibilities will include chat support and control over project participants. They pay a little for this service, but stably, and not only gaming, but also real money.

Games where you can earn money

The Internet is full of games for earnings: these are various casinos, and, of course, MMORPG or, in Russian, multiplayer role-playing games. Below is a list of the most popular games. So, these are the games that make money.

  • Azartplay is an online casino with various cash games.
  • Admiral is another online casino with a large selection of games and bonuses.
  • Igrun is a popular resource with various games. This resource has a guarantee of honesty. Your profit will depend solely on your skill. When registering on this resource, you can “catch” the “Bonus” sign at the bottom of the main page. Having spent this bonus, you will not spend and lose your money.
  • Futuriti is a site with various games. Each new player receives a bonus of 100 euros. True, it is impossible to cash this money right away - you have to play to start.
  • Fermasosedi is a young and rapidly developing project. In this game you have to become a farmer, learn to grow and sell animals.
  • Fortunatime - on this project you have to play with a real person, not with a computer. The peculiarity of the site is that users compete with each other, excluding the interest of the site in a particular result. Games total 4: "Eagle and tails", "Death row", "Stone, scissors, paper" and "Guess the number."
  • SlotVoyager is one of the most huge projects with all sorts of games. Beginners are provided with interesting bonuses and offers. This resource has a system excluding deception - MD5.
  • Clone Epoch is a popular online game, an economic strategy in which you can become the emperor of a state.
  • My Lands is a strategic online game. There are two types of servers in the game - “Miners” (focus on the economy) and “Combat” (for connoisseurs of military art). One of the most popular resources in this game is “Black Pearl” (local hard currency).
  • Bookmakers offices are an option for those who love sports and understand it, or simply decided to try their luck by betting.

How to withdraw money

Money withdrawal from games is carried out in various ways: Yandex Money, QIWI, Payeer, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, bank cards. The most easy to learn QIWI wallet, where your mobile phone number will be the account number. On various game projects there is a minimum amount for withdrawal.

Making money playing games is a kind of a lottery: it may be lucky or maybe not. The disadvantage of such games is that you can lose more than win, which primarily concerns online casinos. With the MMORPG, the situation is different: to earn money, you need to be an active, sociable player, but at the same time you have to spend a lot of personal time.

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