How to make the most romantic New Year's gift to your soulmate?

New Year is the most beloved, cheerful and long-awaited holiday! Everyone is looking forward to a romantic celebration, filled with the aroma of a fluffy tree, decorated with radiant garlands and balls. A fairy tale comes to every house in a quiet walk! The romantic atmosphere of the New Year is shrouded in blissful warmth, mystery, and the heart stops waiting for the holiday. What a new year without gifts? Get or give a gift is very nice. You always want to make a memorable gift for a dear person, especially for a lover or a sweetheart.

There are a variety of options for romantic gifts for him and her. Of course, it all depends on the preferences and desires of women and men. Consider some options for romantic gifts for a young man, a beloved man or husband.

1.Spend New Year's Eve together only, relax, feel emotional intimacy, when you do not need words and just look at it. 2.Admit it to your sincere love Do we often tell men about our feelings? 3.Write a love letter by hand in the style of Pushkin Tatyana Larina, no printer. Can you dedicate a poem to him, a verse? Great! If not, state your thoughts in prose. Compose a beautiful, literate, emotional text that reflects the depth of your sincere feelings. 4.If you know how to play a musical instrument, perform your favorite song to your lover. A good option would be a dedication to a man of his own song (copyrighted text plus music). 5.Do you know the art of dancing? Prepare a dance number for slow music. Surprise him, appear in the image that he has never seen before! Can you wear a fancy dress, appear as a woman-dream, a woman-muses? 6.Give something unusual, an exclusive gift with an original design solution, for example, a souvenir in the form of a pirate chest of gold or pretty Amigurumi sheep handmade handmade with a beautiful card.And do not forget to pack it beautifully, about how to pack a gift you can read on the website 7.Go together to the concert of your favorite band or artist. 8.Prepare an unforgettable dinner by candlelight, the light of which will long burn in your souls. What are the features of romantic gifts for a girl, wife, beloved woman? 1.Make a marriage proposal if you put this subject on hold. Many women just dream on the New Year to hear from men the cherished words. 2.Prepare a romantic dinner, using all the culinary talent and experience. Think over all the details, do not forget about the scented candles with original candlesticks and a magnificent bouquet of flowers! New Year's dishes prepared by a man’s hand with glamorous decor, an elegantly otservirovanny table, a fragrant young wine will be remembered by your chosen one for a long time and we will be grateful to you. 3.When in the sky, like dawn, hundreds of New Year's fireworks scattering For millions of tiny lights, make a surprise to the beloved: launch upward the airship of desires, which is a romantic addition to any celebration.The unsurpassed celestial slug, slowly floating on the sky lit by fireworks, bewitches with grace, goes to the far reaches where the dream lives, which in the New Year cannot but come true! Make a most cherished wish with your beloved. 4.Give a trip, give the girl the opportunity to choose the country she wants to visit. 5.Make a holiday postcard or draw a picture for the girl, pick up a magnificent frame for her. 6.Buy a pretty accessory for the girl, which can be beads, bracelet, ring, earrings, brooch, any original jewelry. Many women prefer to wear stylish fashion accessories. 7.Don't forget about flowers: this is the most romantic, desirable and stylish gift for every woman, giving a special accent to the celebration. Fine, if you give a bouquet, dressed in a costume of a knight, Don Quixote, a pirate. By the New Year, this option is very appropriate. 8.If you are a little poet, dedicate a couple of quatrains to your lover, write them on a New Year card, read aloud with an expression.If you do not own the gift of versification, read the beautiful love poems of famous classics. 9.Serenade her own composition! It will be a chic ending! Regardless of what you donate, remember: all the most beautiful contains the play of your soul. Filling the New Year with kindness and romance is easy. Take care of each other's warm feelings, daily admire your other half. Then your whole life will turn into a romantic celebration of love, beauty and harmony.

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