How to make your own Christmas tree decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree with homemade decorations can be just a couple of hours. If you have a regular foil at home, then it will turn out a wonderful garland-beads, which is made so simply that even a child older than 7-8 years can cope with this task.

DIY Foil Garland

The foil should be cut into squares, the size can be any, but it is better to make the squares larger, for example 15x15 cm. You should roll a ball from each square. If at first the balls will be not very smooth - no problem. Make a few dozen such balls, for example 30-40 pieces. Once the balls are ready, you will need a strong thread or fishing line and needle. Next, the balls are gently pierced with a needle and put on a thread. The result is a Christmas garland-beads. A similar garland, only colored, can be made from papier-mâché and painted with gouache.

Pine Ornaments

Cute crafts can be made from spruce or pine cones.In addition to the cones, you will need gouache or acrylic paints, a few brushes, invisible pins (needles with a round ear), golden or silver braid, hairspray and glitter for nails. In order for the finished crafts to be hung on the Christmas tree, it is necessary to stick a pin at the very bottom of the cone at the very ear, it is quite difficult, if the cone is fir, it is most likely not able to pierce it. Do not worry, in this case you can not hang a cone on the Christmas tree, but put it under it, it is no less beautiful.

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Fully paint the lump in gouache until the paint is dry, sprinkle the cone with sparkles. Now let the paint dry. In order for the dried paint to hold better, it is advisable to treat the lump with hairspray and leave it for two hours. If you managed to stick a pin in the lump, then all you have to do is to thread a thin braid through the ear of the pin and tie a beautiful bow. It is worth noting that the pine cone is easier to pierce with a pin, but the fir cones are quite tough.If the bumps are not pierced with a pin, but you still want to hang them on the Christmas tree, you can use glue, it is better to take a quick-drying glue. Tie off the braid of ribbons and glue to the cones.


It is also easy to make figurines of animals or even Christmas trees from cones! For the manufacture of such crafts will need cones of various sizes, fit both pine and spruce. Cones can be painted with paint and treated in the same way as in the previous method or not painted with paint, and varnished. In general, it all depends on your imagination - invent unusual solutions, it will be original and unusual. There are several ways to do your own Christmas tree. The easiest way is when the cones are held together with glue, but a stronger construction will be obtained when the cones are fixed to the frame of wire and construction foam.

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