How to marry a Czech

Czechs are very sociable, but careful. They do not like social networks and still prefer personal rather than virtual dating. The stories of Russian girls who conquered the Czechs are not too diverse. Someone met his happiness by going to Prague for Christmas, someone - found the groom through an international dating service. Follow their lead.
If the long-awaited event (acquaintance) has happened, you should seriously think about how to conquer the heart of the chosen one and become his wife. Men of this nationality can hardly be called temperamental, for them a calm, dimensional way of life and mutual concern for each other is attractive. Therefore, the most correct would be to take such signs of attention for granted, not trying in every way to show complete independence and independence. True, huge bouquets of roses and other bright moments in the grooming of a girl should not be expected from a man as well.
Despite the common Slavic roots, not all families will gladly accept our compatriot in their womb, especially if a woman does not wish to work hard and learn Czech.We'll have to show patience, attentiveness and win the trust of her husband's relatives.
Czechs attach great importance to delicious food and world-famous beer. So, what about a strict diet and the fight against the habit of the groom to drink a glass - it is better to forget about another frothy drink. The positive side of the issue is that numerous cafes offer excellent food for every taste at very affordable prices. So, it is not at all necessary to stand at the stove for hours. Instead, any family can afford a dinner in a small cozy cafe.
Separately, it is necessary to touch upon such a moment as marriage with a Czech. Men (and women) from this country rarely immediately stamped in their passports, even if the couple’s relationship is perfect. Civil marriages here - a phenomenon widespread and very disadvantageous for our compatriot. Therefore, it is worth initially to discuss this detail with the applicant for the hand and heart.
In addition, do not expect that the husband will contain his chosen one. The concept of "housewife" is rather a rare exception to the rule. Therefore, a woman will have to work and, moreover, make an equal contribution with her husband to the family budget, and often pay for herself in a cafe.
So that marriage with a Czech can be considered one of the most successful for independent, independent women.

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