How to massage the heart?

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How to massage the heart?

Providing first aid to the victim from various influences involves knowing how to massage the heart in order to save a person from death at the right time. After all, cardiac arrest means death in just a few minutes. Of course, not everyone in life is saved to save someone, but to know how to do a heart massage, it is necessary especially for those who by the nature of their work are connected with dangers.

Principle of massage

With loss of consciousness, the person is completely relaxed, this property of the muscles and is used for massage. It allows you to move the bones of the chest so that the heart shrinks between the sternum and the spine. At this point, the blood is pushed out of the heart. Then the heart cracks down and a portion of blood from the blood vessels gets into it. Then again squeezing, the blood is pushed into the vessels. Thus, the heart rate is maintained and the body is supplied with oxygen. During the massage, the heart is stimulated to work and it begins to work independently. If this does not happen, then death is recorded.

Massage technique

Conducting an indirect massage of the heart should be held in conjunction with artificial respiration. First you need to put the affected person on a flat horizontal surface, always tough. If it is not found, then you need to put something hard under the sternum. All clothes from the chest must be removed. The one who will do the massage should lean over the victim. It is necessary to find a place for massage, it is two fingers below the soft end of the sternum. It is necessary to put the hands on this place as follows: the lower part of the palm of one hand, on it at an angle of 90 degrees - the second palm, the lower part of it. It is in this position that the victim’s chest should be pressed. It is necessary to do 15 pressing, and then twice inhale a portion of air into the mouth, holding the injured nose. Then it is repeated all over again as many times as the heart is working. This is exactly the technique of heart massage, which can, if properly performed, save the life of the victim.

Features of heart massage

It is necessary to press on the lower part of the sternum, without affecting the upper part and the ribs due to the high probability of injury.One pressing should last 1 second, then the blood will have time to move over the heart. Having made a push, you have to hold your hands on the sternum for half a second, then you need to remove them. Young children should be massaged with one hand, press less often twice. Best of all, if the rescuers will be two, one does artificial respiration, and the second heart massage.

Massage efficiency

The effectiveness of the massage can be felt when the victim has a pulse with each pressure on the heart. It must be sought on the neck, in the region of the carotid artery. Also an indicator of effectiveness is the contraction of the pupils, the decrease in cyanosis of the mucous membranes and skin, as well as the appearance of spontaneous breathing.

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