How to name the album in Odnoklassniki?

Alik Mullahmetov
Alik Mullahmetov
March 7, 2013
How to name the album in Odnoklassniki?

In our age of innovation and technology, photographs from paper albums have moved to online albums. It seems that they have made beautiful photos and have already posted them, but the name of the album in Odnoklassniki has not yet been invented. The hackneyed things like “I”, “Only me”, “Here I am”, “My friends / family”, etc., do not seem to be very desirable, but something original does not want to be invented. We will give you some interesting ideas, something that you should definitely like.

So, how to name the album in "Classmates"? If the album will be with your photos, try to beat your name and surname. For example, “Meet Ivan Ivanov,” “With You Again, Ivan Ivanov,” etc. If you have a variety of photos in your album, you can call it “Freeze Frame”, “My Life Story”, “Report from places of events. Especially for you". If you have posted photos from a separate photo session, we advise you to choose the name of the album, based on the theme of photos.It may be completely uncomplicated, but it will be necessarily interesting if it answers the subject. For example, if you are captured there with your beloved (s), you can call “30 moments of happiness” (change the number depending on the number of images posted).

If you are a self-ironic person, name the album “The First Guy in the Village” or “Heifer # 1”. The main thing is to be sure that your friends will understand your humor. Do not forget that the title should correspond to the content, and, having read it, the person should be interested and want to see your photos. We hope that we could help you in your difficult choice. And if you do not use our examples given in the text, then they will certainly be able to push you to some original and interesting idea.

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