How to open a dance academy

You will need
  • - start-up capital; - room; - staff.
First, decide what budget you have and what financial investments your project will require. Although learning to dance does not require large expenses for the purchase and maintenance of additional equipment, you need start-up capital. Make a business plan to have a clear idea of ​​your capabilities. In addition, it can be useful if you decide to attract additional investors or take a bank loan to develop your business.
You need to legally formalize your business. Such an organization as a limited liability company or an individual entrepreneur is suitable for a dance academy. You can also register a non-profit organization, but this is suitable only if you yourself will train people in small groups.
Pick the right room. It should be located so that your future students can easily get to the place of study.In addition, the dance hall has such requirements as spaciousness, the presence of a non-rigid shock-absorbing coating, mirrors on the walls with a height not lower than 1.8 m. are your target audience. Initially, a temporary rental site is suitable, based on the number of lessons per week
It is desirable that all major dance styles be represented at the dance academy. But at first, you can focus only on the most popular. Young people like hip-hop and club dances, and older people are not indifferent to the Latin American style.
Especially important for the development of your business recruitment. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the level of training of dance instructors, but also their ability to contact and engage people involved with them. It depends on whether the students remain in your academy or go to competitors.
Think over promotional materials and a campaign to attract visitors. You can use outdoor advertising, flyers, ads in the media.Great opportunities for advertising promotion provides the Internet. If you have the opportunity, make an interesting video clip about the lessons in your dance academy. Videos are distributed on the Internet incredibly fast, and this can bring fame to your enterprise. Create your own business card site, a group in a social network or a blog that will inform potential visitors about your dance academy and provide feedback to them.

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