How to open flash

If you want to open the flash file to view the video it contains, try to do it the same way as with any other file - double-click the left mouse button. The operating system must determine the application itself that can handle this type of file. Such a program in your OS may be, for example, a browser or a player of video and audio files. If the system can not find the application you need, then the swf extension has not yet been assigned to any program. In this case, download and run the installation file from the Adobe website - there is both a browser application (Flash Player) and a browser-independent player (Flash Player Projector). After completing the wizard, you can double-click to open these files.
Flash files acquire their final form after compilation from source code, which is also stored in files, but with a different extension - fla. To open the source file you need to be able to use the appropriate code editor. The most famous program of this kind is Adobe Flash Professional, but there are other editors, for example, Wildform Flix, Koolmoves, Swift3d, etc. Select and install the most appropriate one.
There is also a class of programs whose main purpose is to recreate the source code from compiled flash files. If you need to open the source of the swf-file, install one of these programs - they are called flash decompilers. For example, it could be the Flash Decompiler Trillix application - one of the most popular decompilers today. This program is able to parse a swf file opened with its help into its component parts and save all the images, scripts, sounds contained in it, either individually or into one source file in fla format.

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