How to overcome the fear of going to work after maternity leave

Internal restructuring

Changing from one mode of life to another can be difficult. From a measured life at home, where there are only domestic problems and care for the child, you need to switch to the turbo mode. The main thing is not to be afraid of changes and to prepare yourself psychologically for them as much as possible. How painful your going to work will be depends largely on your attitude. No need to resist something new. Think of the changes that are inevitable in life. Only with their help can something good come into your destiny.
Be sure to leave the baby in safe hands. To not worry about the workplace, as he will be without you in kindergarten, with a nanny or grandmother, it is better to start weaning the baby from you beforehand. So you will save yourself from double stress, gradually teach the child to the new regime and be able to insure at first.
Think about going to work with enthusiasm.After all, this is not just a place where you are given wages and sometimes a premium, but an opportunity to self-actualize. You are not only a mother, a wife and a housewife, but also a professional, self-sufficient person, do not forget about it.

Preliminary preparation

Try to prepare as much as possible immediately before going to work. It is better to go to the previous place in advance and scout the situation. Then the first day of work will not be a shock for you. Otherwise, too much information, events and news will fall on you simultaneously.
Freshen up contacts with your colleagues. Not accidentally find out how the work in your department is being built, what mood reigns in the team, what innovations have appeared after you left on the decree. Of course, it would be best to keep a finger on the pulse and monitor what is happening at work. Moreover, it has become very easy and accessible with the development of social networks. But you probably didn’t care, because you lived in completely different interests.
Unfortunately, sometimes young mothers relax a bit during a decree and stop watching their appearance with the same care as before.If this is about you, be sure to browse women's fashion magazines to be aware of current fashion trends. Update your wardrobe, especially if you wore tracksuits and comfortable sneakers during the decree. Impeccable appearance, new, stylish and trendy clothes will give you confidence and lift your spirits. Go to a beauty salon and update your hairstyle. Maybe you will need a couple more cosmetic procedures to be on top and not complexes about your neglected appearance.

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