How to overtake cars from Kazakhstan

Ifautothe mobile vehicle you purchased meets the Euro 4 environmental standards and was purchased from a legal entity, then you should not have any problems with customs clearance and paperwork. Especially, if he was brought to Kazakhstan after January 1, 2010.
However, if the purchased car does not meet environmental standards, then you will have to pay a serious customs duty in accordance with the volume of its engine. If you do not pay, then you will cross the border, but you will not be able to issue a Russian TCP. So be sure to check the technical condition of the machine before buying.
A car bought from an individual can also be transported across the border if the seller purchased it no later than a year and a half ago and constantly lives in the territoryOf Kazakhstanalso, at least 18 months.
For the rest, there are no special restrictions, since all citizens of Russia, according to the agreements concluded, can transport one through the border with Kazakhstanautomobile and one trailer under the simplified scheme of customs duties, that is, practically free.
Do not forget to change in road inspectionOf Kazakhstannumbers on transit and prepare all documents for the car. After all, if the originautoit will be impossible to confirm, you will not go farther than the border barrier.
StatusautoThe mobile (for personal use) will need to be confirmed with the original (or certified copy) of the customs declaration issued when it is imported into Kazakhstan. So do not forget to take this document from the seller in order not to re-declare the car.
It can also be distilled by rail orautotime To do this, you must reserve a place in advance with the carrier, presenting documents on the car. The receipt must specify the destination and the conditions of shipment (you or your representative by proxy).

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