How to pay the bill to an individual

Pay the bill through the payment terminal. Such terminals are located almost at every step: they are located in shops, educational and medical institutions. In order to pay the bill through this equipment, it is necessary to choose a telecom operator or a bank, housing and communal services, depending on the purpose of the payment. Then you simply indicate the required amount on the terminal screen and deposit the same amount of money in a special cash compartment. After that, the terminal will print a receipt confirming the payment of the invoice
You can pay the bill with a payment card (credit or debit). In this case, you can use a computer and make a payment by debiting funds from your card. You can also perform the same manipulation with an ATM. Please note that if you use an ATM of another bank that is not related to your card, you may be charged an additional fee from your account on the card.
Pay your bill at any bank or post office. As a rule, in banks and by mail is not charged a fee for paying bills. In order to use this method of payment, you need to have with you the bill (document) itself, which you need to pay and a certain amount of money.
You can pay the bill using the online banking service. This service is provided by many banks for their customers. In order to use it, you must first register on the bank’s website, enter all the necessary data, create a password. Then the bank gives you access to your personal account on this site. In turn, it is through your personal account that you can perform transactions on your accounts.

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