How to plant a plum so that it gives a lot of fruit

Plum is a rather capricious culture that does not tolerate cold, lack of nutrients, moisture. The plant loves the sun and gives a lot of fruit if it grows in a place where there is good protection from winds and cold. It is worth considering when choosing a place. However, it grows poorly where there is stagnation of water. Experts do not advise to plant it near other trees - they can take moisture, so necessary to drain.

Optimally, plum saplings should be planted in spring; if this is done in the fall, young plants do not have time to gain strength, so they can freeze. If for some reason you have to plant in the fall, the seedlings will be covered with special material, they will be dropped in and covered with snow.

Plum is better to plant on a gentle slope of the south-west or west side, where there is good aeration, and the soil warms in summer. If planting is done on low areas, then it is recommended to plant on hills, 40-50 cm high, with a width of about 200 cm.When choosing a plant, attention is paid to its root system - it should have at least 3-4 skeletal branches, the length of which is about 35-40 cm.

Plum planting usually takes place according to the 2-2 meter scheme. If you plan to plant a tree in the cultivated area, then it should still be perekapal and in the soil to extract organic mineral fertilizers. And remember that it is impossible to add strong substances to the planting pit - they can stimulate growth at the expense of fruits. This means that there will be no harvest.

Planting pits are prepared on average 10 days before planting. They should be about half a meter deep and about the same diameter. The soil can be mixed with humus, and then pour the mixture back into the pit. In its center a stake is hammered. A seedling is placed on its north side, so that there are no voids near the roots. After planting, the place where the roots end and the trunk begins must be 5 cm above ground level. Over time, when the soil settles, the neck will be just at the right level. If the seedling is planted too deeply, the bark can soprat and the tree can not grow in full force.

To form a crown, a tree is first pruned in the first year of life. High varieties must be tied to stakes as early as the age of two. In order for the fruits to be in the right amount, when the fruits appear, they are thinned out, most of them areremoved.

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