How to prepare a bike for the season

A bicycle is an important part of many people's lives. This is not only an eco-friendly way of transportation, but also a huge charge of energy. Interestingly, in Germany, employees move on bicycles at the Mercedes-Benz plant.

How to prepare a bike for the season

Most of us have a bike. Someone uses it for walks from time to time, and someone regularly uses this vehicle from season to season.

How to prepare a vehicle for a new cycling season?

After inspecting your iron horse, you need to make sure that no obstacles to a productive ride will arise.

Clean first

Let's admit that most of us just leave the bike in the garage after the end of the season, without making any effort to clean it or maintain it. Therefore, the first thing to do after the winter period is to clean it thoroughly.

How to prepare a bike for the season

Most prefer to take a bike to a car wash, where with the help of professional equipment you can thoroughly get rid of adhering dirt.But no need to rush to do it, under high pressure, pieces of dirt can pretty much scratch the frame. To avoid damage, use a watering hose. Let it take more time, but the frame will remain intact.

Pay attention to the pedals

Active use of the bike throughout the season contributes to the wear of this important part. Replacing the pedals does not require any special knowledge and great effort. The only thing that can cause confusion is the direction of the thread, which differs from side to side. Most pedals have a letter (L-left (left) and R-right (right)), so you will not get confused.

Installation / removal of new pedals involves the use of a 15mm key. Most models are installable with this tool. You can also use a 6 mm hex. Before installation, it is recommended to use a grease for the thread, which will facilitate subsequent pedal changes.

Transmission Replacement

Dirty chain contributes to damage to the stars. It is a fact. To clean the chain was as convenient as possible, you should use a degreaser.And only after that you can start cleaning. Nothing better than an old toothbrush does not come up. Upon completion of this labor-intensive process, the chain must be lubricated with engine oil. Do not forget about the inside of the chain, which will avoid premature wear.

How to prepare a bike for the season

Saving rubber with lemon

Very often, after the winter, you can encounter a "hardened" rubber. It greatly complicates the process of adhesion to asphalt. Lemon juice will help in the fight against this problem. It's very simple, you need to cut the lemon and wrap it in a cloth. We continue to squeeze until it is saturated with juice. Wet cloth should be a good walk over the entire surface of the tire.

Listen to the sound of the spokes

All spokes should have identical sound. If you suddenly hear a third-party sound, you need to take action. If the needle sounds very thin, it is a direct indication that it is overtightened. It must be immediately weakened, otherwise it may be damaged and this, as usual, will occur at the wrong moment.

Check the status of the brakes

Repeatedly press the brake handles. They should not be in contact with the wheel. When released, they should easily return to their original position.The process should be soft, in no case not tight.

How to prepare a bike for the season

Check the brake pads for signs of wear. To do this, you need to scroll the wheels in the lowered position of the brakes. In this case, the gap should be 2-3 mm.

In the case of hydraulic brakes, you need to check if there are any streaks of brake fluid.

If you have disc brakes, you can adjust them by pulling the cable. The pads tend to wear out, so they need to be tightened so that the wear is even.

Sit exactly

Adjusting the seat should ensure comfort while riding. It should be at such a height that the foot easily reached the pedal in the lower position. The saddle should be horizontal.

Before the start of the season, we advise you to visit the bike shops on the Aport. Perhaps you need to think about buying a new model.

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