How to protect private space

Each person has 5 zones of personal space, for some people they are a little wider, for others - already. It depends on the personal qualities of each individual, as well as on his nationality - among the northern peoples of the zone is wider, in the southern - already. Those. personal area of ​​the Spaniard may be intimate for a Swede.
Hidden zone - the narrowest, up to 15 cm. This is the zone for the closest ones - children, parents, loved ones. Outsiders enter this zone causing a whole range of emotions - from fear to a flash of aggression.
Intimate zone from 15 to 45 cm. Some friends and relatives are admitted into this space. An invasion of this zone is perceived as an attack by the enemy and causes strong negative emotions in a person.
The personal zone is from 46 to 120 cm. At this distance, it is allowed to approach well familiar people - friends, friends, colleagues, etc. If a person from this category enters the intimate zone, a flash of indignation can wait for him, if he withdraws, the interlocutor will feel wounded.
Social zone - from 1.2 to 3.6 m.This is the space for unfamiliar personalities - sellers, consultants, postmen. With the invasion of this category of people in a personal or social zone, a person feels in danger, strive to resort to the support of loved ones.
The public zone is the distance from 3.6 m. This is the zone of teachers, speakers, speaking to a large audience. When you try to approach a stranger closer, a person in such a situation often departs.
The main factor that causes penetration into someone else's personal space is individual differences in the size of the zones. If two unfamiliar interlocutors who must be in each other’s social zone have a large enough difference, one of them will feel an invasion of their personal space.
To avoid invasion will help polite removal - educated people will understand the reason for your "departure" and react to this with understanding. A less delicate individual can transparently hint that it is more convenient for you to communicate at a distance of at least an outstretched hand. From completely dull, you can "hide" behind any object - a table, chair, etc. The same technique helps to protect personal space in public transport - stand behind the handrail and you will not be able to cuddle.
If you know that a person is inclined to violate the personal space of interlocutors, be brief in communicating with him. Some people intrude into the intimate zone of others in order to unbalance, confuse, provoke conflict. Communicating with such arrogant personalities is best avoided, but if this is not possible, self-suggestion will help you. Learn to create a cocoon mentally around you, transparent but completely impenetrable. And use this skill in situations where someone threatens your personal space.

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