How to quickly lose weight using the apple diet

Apple diet is a healthy diet. It is recommended not only for overweight, but also for indigestion, hypertension, atherosclerosis, anemia, vitamin deficiency, acute nephritis, diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Apples have diuretic properties and normalize metabolism.

Apple diets are of two types: fasting days on some apples and multi-day diets with the addition of different products.

The easiest way is to arrange a fasting day: 5 times a day, eat 300 grams of ripe, raw or baked apples, only one and a half kilograms. During the day you need to drink clean water or green tea.

Kefir-apple diet is very effective,calculated for 9 days. With the help of such a diet you can lose weight by 9 kg. In apples and kefir there is acidity that helps cleanse the body, which results in weight loss. In the first three days you drink only kefir, every day 1.5 liters.The next three days, you eat some apples, daily for 1.5 kilograms. And the last three days, you again drink kefir 1.5 liters daily.

Be mindful of yourself: if during the kefir-apple diet you feel weak or unwell, then switch to a more benign diet by adding protein and carbohydrates to your food.

Fresh apples along with the peel are more useful than apples after heat treatment.

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