How to recognize a fake thousand rubles

First you need to know the protective properties of money. For a sample, take a thousand-dollar banknote of 2004 release. It has all the necessary degrees of protection: moire effect, metallized security thread, laser microperforation, color-variable paint, watermarks.
Now consider the degree of protection of banknotes in more detail.
Color-variable paint.
On fakes, they often use paint that changes color, or use a special varnish. As a result, the person turns the bill over and sees - the red color has become darker. As a result, the impression of changing tones. This technique allows counterfeiters to fool most people. However, since the paint is referred to as �color variable,� rather than �changing shade,� ordinary nail polish can also be used. From afar, it gleams, but does not change its own color. This is worth considering.
Metallic security thread.
A diving security thread is inserted into the paper, which is a metallized plastic strip.On visual examination, it looks like 5 glittering rectangles 2 mm wide, emerging on the surface of currency symbols with the formation of a dotted line on only one side. When viewing the banknote �to the light,� the metallized thread gets the appearance of a continuous black band with the correct edges.
Laser microperforation.
To detect holes you just need to �enlighten� the bill. The signs are clearly visible even with low light. To the touch, the safety sign does not give itself out in any way, since the holes are burned with a laser (and not pierced with a narrow needle like that of the lime means). Also, the surface of the bill remains smooth without any rough edges.
Clipping effect.
This is an extremely tamper-proof visual safety sign, but it takes experience and 3-5 seconds to control it.
Watermarks are placed on the coupon fields of banknotes: on a narrow - digital designation of the nominal, on a wide - a portrait of Yaroslav the Wise.
Moire effect.

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