How to refuse a guy to meet?

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The man offers a relationship, but the woman does not take him seriously. This is a popular situation, the resolution of which is important to approach with special attention. The psychology of men is very thin, and a gross refusal can ruin his future, kill his self-esteem, and adversely affect his life.

A similar problem appears, if at first there is sympathy, but after several dates the girl realizes that this is “not the same” man. She could notice his stinginess, greed, harmful and annoying habits, unpleasant character traits.

Why do not mutual feelings arise?

By order, love does not appear; there are many reasons why feelings do not arise:

too different interests;
rejection of appearance or character;
mismatch of views on life and the future.

How to refuse a guy to meet?

It happens that a man is good, almost ideal, but the soul does not lie to him. And you should not force yourself to settle for new meetings, to waste both him and your time. This will give a person hope in vain. If you keep a guy in reserve, you will not find your man, you will not notice him. And he will not meet you, considering that you are busy.

How to refuse a guy to meet

Before we tell you how to refuse a guy to meet, it is worth noting that such a conversation should take place without other people, one on one. Besides:

think in advance what you will say in order not to invent words during the conversation;
show firmness. A person should not have doubts about your intentions and decisions;
offer to stay friends. But if a young man is truly in love with you, then such communication is unacceptable. Fail all contacts, do not contact him in the future with requests;
so as not to reduce his self-esteem, do not say that only he is to blame for the rupture. That you do not like his character, his interests are incomprehensible, he is unpleasant and cannot be relied on. Focus on your own drawbacks;

say that you are pleased with the guy's attitude towards you, but you yourself are too windy, do not want to build a serious relationship. Refer to the disinterest in guys. The main thing is to destroy the ideal image created by him;
if your shortcomings are for his dignity, then say that he is a friend to you, but you do not feel attraction. Suggest and continue to be friends.

If the meeting is offered by an unfamiliar gentleman, then refuse immediately:so that there is no doubt. Do not refer to the lack of time. Persistent guys repeat invitations later. Explain at once that the relationship has no future, so that it does not have a vain dream. As an option, say that you have a young man.

Often, girls show instability, can not call a guy for frank conversations. But, if you find it difficult to talk face to face, write him a message, a letter. Describe in detail the reasons, ask not to disturb you.

The main thing - bring full confidence in the gap. It is important for a man to understand that “no” means “no.” Of course, this is best done in a personal conversation. Remember that a man singled out you among others, suggested relationships for you. He likes you, you are special to him. Approach the conversation with understanding and tact.

Delicately explain that the attention of the guy you are very pleased, but the feelings as a man, you do not experience it. For you, he is a great friend and a good person. It does not hurt him, and mutual respect can be maintained.

Constantly postponing the meeting is not the best option. This gives a delay in time, but just will not let the guy know that the relationship is over.Moreover, you will one day find yourself in an unpleasant situation, when, walking somewhere with your friends, you will meet with him. Do not allow such cases. It does not benefit anyone. Fairly explain immediately. Many guys will accept such a refusal is easier than constant lies. And stupid tricks do not add points. So you easily ruin your reputation.

If a man does not believe that you have a young man, continues to insist on a meeting, then ask a friend to help. But take into account the nature of the boyfriend, too jealous and aggressive guys react unpredictably.

In no case do not offend a man. Needless to say, he is unattractive, unintelligent or unsuccessful in anything. It will make you arrogant and proud in his eyes. During the conversation, concentrate all attention on him. If you constantly distract the eye on checking the phone, then it will hurt a man even more.

All such options are good, if a man is notable for adequacy, he understands that excessive perseverance will not lead to any result. What to do if, in spite of everything, the man continues to care with all assertiveness? How to make it clear that this is unpleasant?

If the guy does not accept rejection

Despite all the applied forces, the guy does not accept the refusal. He does not hear the arguments and sees no reason for a break. You are still for him the ideal, the best and beautiful princess. But you only cause rejection. And do not want to be rude. Give it to him in completely different ways. Play a game with him, but at the same time reach the goal:

you are for him a sweet and gentle creature that drinks nectar. Well then when meeting with him start to behave differently. Shock him with rude laughter, stupid vulgar anecdotes, jokes, tell us how you like to drink and eat fried dumplings. Is he still not giving up? Then add more male habits to behavior, behave with his friends and with him, like “your boyfriend”;
if this method is not suitable, there is a softer one. Try to make him a girlfriend. Pay a lot of attention when you meet the choice of clothes, make it on cosmetics stores, discuss all the trends in fashion. Do not be shy, discuss all the girls and women with him. Become terribly dull. Very soon he will run far away from you;

still nothing comes out? Reach him with excessive care and constant attention.Call every 5 minutes. Regularly ask whether he ate in the morning, dressed warmly, that he ate at lunch, at work, as he slept. Total care will not like any man. And the desired result will come in the near future.

It happens that the failure in the relationship causes the aggression of the former gentleman. Understanding insolvency, jealousy, humiliation, unreality of achieving the goal are the cause of the inadequacy of men. There is a possibility of physical force.

How to refuse a guy to meet?

If his behavior alerted you, report that the minimum rudeness on his part will be the reason for contacting the police. In addition, bring to his attention that all relatives and friends know about him, because any stupid actions are confirmed by witnesses. The correct failure of a man is a true science for women who are not deprived of attention.

What to do after a break up

After breaking the relationship it is important to know what to do, how to behave properly:

step back into the background. It does not matter, you are close friends, or ordinary classmates, you need to retreat after your refusal. Try to be friends, as before, about something to ask him. But the guy may not be ready to talk, as with a friend.Give him time;
It is not necessary to behave strangely at a new meeting. Do not look at him with a look full of pity, and also do not ignore with all persistence. Stay yourself, behavior should be natural. If a guy talks to you, behave kindly. If he does not want to communicate, do not take the initiative, because he is not ready to communicate. Behave in such a way as if it did not happen. This will give him to understand that the gap is not a serious problem, you can be friends in the future;
don't tell everyone what happened. Protect him from embarrassment, which occurs if all your friends are aware of the problems. If everyone finds out about your refusal to him, then they will certainly behave strangely. A good man does not deserve such an attitude, he is not guilty that he liked you. Leave everything to yourself. You would hardly be pleased in the exact opposite situation;
show good attitude. If communication continued, do not show rudeness and arrogance, if the man did not deserve it. If he is trying to be friends, good attitude, remain friendly, friendly. This does not mean joint walks or pastime.But when meeting you do not need to behave silly. Do not go on a flirt, do not touch it.

Stay honest with him, do not try to avoid meetings. If a man gives something, give thanks, but note that this is thanks to a friend. But always, before you finally break the relationship with a good guy, think, perhaps you have feelings. You could be afraid of a serious relationship, his assertiveness, talk about it. The gap is unpleasant to two sides. Take this step if you are sure that there are no feelings.

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