How to sew Vietnamese curtains

The Vietnamese curtain is a straight canvas, consisting of two fabrics. Originally made of bamboo. The key feature of the curtain: twisted up and tied with strings of the same material as the curtain itself. Similar to the Roman, but a special eaves for this curtain is not required.

The Vietnamese curtain is a very popular curtain in Europe. It is a double curtain that allows you to use two different types of fabric, and, accordingly, to give the interior an additional highlight.

How to sew curtains with your own hands?

Pattern of Vietnamese curtains is extremely simple.

The curtain itself consists of a base (2 parts), 2 straps and straps, which will help to curtain the curtain.

Since we will build the pattern directly on the fabric, we immediately recall that the material for the future curtains must first be proclaimed: the natural fabrics should be soaked for 10-15 minutes, dried and ironed, the synthetic ones must be treated with steam.

The construction will begin with the fact that the fabric, the main and lining, we note the length and width of the curtains.

Along the top and sides, we leave the allowances of 1.5-2 cm, at the bottom we postpone another 10 cm - for the drawstring of the weights, and 1.5-2 cm for the allowance. Noted, pinning along the contour of the allowance with needles, cutting out.

We fold with the front sides inward, we stitch it on three sides, leaving the top unbroken. We turn out, we form all the corners, iron it. The main panel is ready.

We turn the drawstring to the seamy side, we stitch it. The place for the loader is ready.

Pattern of the Vietnamese curtains and layout of the strings.

Now let's go riding the curtains.

First we'll make the tapes. By the way, you can use ready-made ribbons as ribbons, which are sold in any sewing shops. But we sew the curtains by ourselves! Therefore, consider the option of sewing ribbons from the same fabric.

So, in finished form, the width of the tape should be 3-5 cm. To do this, we cut out 4 strips of fabric, L + 7 + 15 cm long (L is the required length of the tape, 7 cm for stitching at the top line, 15 cm for stock on tie). We pair them in pairs, turn them out, and scrape the remaining edge. Ironing.

After laying 15 cm on each side of the top of the curtains, deepen the tape by 7 cm on each side, and sweep.We pivot the allowance on top, we put it out. Now let's outline the place of the curtain tape and velcro tape (velcro), and fix the last one to the top of the curtain, not forgetting to straighten the tape at the front and on the back of the curtain. Also on top you can make a kulisuke.

So I’m ready to answer the question how to sew curtains with your own hands!

As a cornice for the Vietnamese curtains, the lambrequin plate, the classic short cornice and the like will suit.

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