How to shake down jacket

You will need
  • - tennis balls
  • - Washer
  • - drying machine
The necessity of beating a down jacket arises from its owner in two cases - after washing or when a thing comes out of the closet after long storage in the folded state. Particularly sad looking have down jackets, taken out of vacuum bags, in which they are placed to save space.
The easiest way is to beat the down jacket and straighten the down in it will be those owners who have at their disposal a tumble dryer. True, in addition to the car they will need another set of large tennis balls. Some mistakenly use celluloid table tennis balls, but this is fundamentally wrong. They are too easy, so no effect from them can be expected.
If you do not have the opportunity to go to the sporting goods store, replace the balls with children's wooden cubes or other items that are suitable in weight and size.
Load the down jacket in the car with the balls and select the desired drying mode.If the down jacket is wet after washing, then turn on the standard program, and if it is simply packed, stop at a gentle mode with the lowest possible temperature.
At the end of the machine, you will remove from it an absolutely airy down jacket that looks like a new one.
If you do not have a dryer, try to look for it with friends and acquaintances, take a look at the dry-cleaner. Otherwise, you will have to whip the jacket with your hands. It will be necessary to do this very carefully, breaking each individual cassette, separating the fluff from the fluff. From time to time, whisk the whole of the whole down jacket, as you would do with a pillow. Gradually, you will bring it to the desired state.
A little trick: even if you don't have a tumble dryer, then a washing machine surely should be. Send her down jacket, all the same tennis balls and turn on the spin. You do not need to set too many revolutions, the main thing in this case is not force, but the duration of exposure. Just make sure that in spin mode, water does not flow into your machine, otherwise you will have to not only beat up the down jacket, but also dry it.

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