How to stop being jealous?

In this article we will talk about such a terrible feeling that so many people experience; about a feeling that can ruin a relationship up to separation. His name is jealousy. They say that if he is jealous, it means he loves. Is it really? Or maybe what we call jealousy is simply a sense of “possessiveness”? Or maybe lack of jealousy is an indicator of indifference? In fact, the feeling of jealousy is a disadvantage, if not a disease, from which you need to get rid of as quickly as possible, so that it does not spoil your relationship and does not eat you from the inside. So, in this article we will give you the answer to the question of how to stop being jealous of a loved one.

Very often, jealousy develops already in childhood. Remember if you were jealous of your mom or dad? Did you jealous of your parents when you had a younger brother or sister? In general, this is quite normal. But only when you are a little kid. When you become an adult, you simply have to control your emotions. As adults, you should become wiser.You must understand that people, even those close to you, are not your property. Even if you are aware of this and do not show you the form, but jealousy torments you and does not allow you to live in peace, then you need to urgently work on yourself. And it is in your power!

If your main question is how to stop being jealous of a guy, then the secret of many successful women is the following comparison: “A man should be like a butterfly on an open palm. If he flies away, then let him fly, it’s not all that necessary, Really". Let your relationship be like an open palm for a butterfly, because any living creature will strive to get out of the closed palm! Do not be afraid to be alone and lose a guy, you are young, beautiful and unique, just your time to meet with real love has not come yet. Occupying yourself with fake relationships, you may miss the love of your whole life.

If you need to learn how to stop being jealous of your husband, then it is much more serious, because your jealousy can destroy marriage and family. If a man willingly married you, then this already means something. You should not be jealous of his colleagues or his friends.If you “saw” him and blame what he didn’t even do, then don’t be surprised that it will ever happen. It often happens that when people are accused of what they did not do, they somehow at a subconscious level come to this idea so that they are not blamed for nothing. So no need to direct your husband to an idea that he might never have thought about.

If you broke up with a man, you have another problem: you need to learn how to stop being jealous of the former. To do this, just as far as possible to protect yourself from any information about him. Stop any communication, because it does not renew your relationship, and you just lose a lot of time doing nonsense when you could build your future. It will be a great temptation to follow his life in social networks. It is better to block it immediately. Hard but effective. Tell your friends that they do not raise this topic and do not pour salt on the wound. Do not go to those places where you can meet him with other girls. Burn all the bridges to heal the wound of the soul and get rid of jealousy as quickly as possible. This process will remind a smoker to quit smoking or an alcoholic to drink, since love is also a kind of addiction.

If you are a man and you need to know how to stop being jealous of a girl, then you need to hammer into your head that everything that she would do, put on, say, cook, she does all this only for you! If you are afraid that she will leave you, then this is likely to happen if you do not calm down the streams of jealousy that will strangle her day after day. You just need to learn to trust people, even if you have already been betrayed.

If you are jealous not only of your beloved or beloved, and you need to understand how to stop being jealous, then you will not succeed in curbing your feelings with the help of your mind. Jealousy only interferes. You are loved and loved as you are. It is necessary to accept that there are really more beautiful girls and boys, but it’s not necessary that your loved one will leave them from you. Every time you have a fit of jealousy, remember the situation with an open palm and a butterfly.

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