How to store wheels?

Daria Saraeva
Daria Saraeva
February 18, 2013
How to store wheels?

If you need to remove the tires from the wheels of your car and set them aside for storage, do it correctly and observe the storage technology.

Tire storage

How to store wheels? To do this, after you have removed the tires, they must be thoroughly washed from the remaining dirt, stones and various impurities, since the salt they contain destroys the structure of the rubber. Then thoroughly dry them with a cloth. Next, you need to process the tire with a special chemistry for the preservation of tires, just do not confuse it with a solvent or paint!

And so we prepared the tire for storage! Next, consider what should be the conditions for high-quality storage of tires.

Storage conditions

Of course, that there should not be wet and, of course, no direct sunlight. Therefore, they must be stored in a dark, dry room and that there is no temperature above 25 degrees Celsius.

Since the rubber reacts quickly to temperature changes, it should not be stored in a room in which there are drops, because of them condensate is formed.A lot of dust and dirt also affect your longevity. For example, when the temperature drops on the rubber microcracks occur, which can not always be seen with the naked eye.

Based on this, we can assume how to properly store the wheels! Tire storage rooms: brick garage, storage room in your own apartment, dry and clean basement. Attic, sheds, metal garage and other utility rooms, including the balcony is not the best place to store because of sudden changes in temperature and other things, think for yourself how to store wheels in the winter in such conditions.

As we see, when choosing a place to store tires, you need to take into account the climatic conditions, and no one knows better than you what weather conditions your tires have to endure today, and which, for example, in half a year, considering this, you can better prepare for tire storage.

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