How to survive the discord in the family

Conflicts, mutual grievances and omissions, as it often in varying degrees, occurs in any family. In a state of "cold war," at times flowing into "hot fighting," family members can exist for a very long time. It adversely affects the nervous system, and can cause various kinds of health disorders. To avoid the escalation of the conflict and quickly stop the discord, you must adhere to the following rules:


- Do not strive to withstand the character and show your own self, it often leads to irreparable life tragedies. Do not hold evil, go first to reconciliation. Perhaps your opponent wants it too, but something is holding him back.


- Try to smooth out conflict situations. Of course, it is not worthwhile to always keep silent about your problems, but to arrange a scandal with the smashing of dishes every day is not the best way out.


- If this is how it happened that your family members are in conflict with each other, then try to play the role of a peacemaker, justifying your opponents, to each other.


- If you were a participant in the conflict, then, in this case, it is better to remove the accumulated internal stress in the evening walks or take a shower. It will cool the anger, and calm the nerves.


Do not take too seriously conflict situations, try the offensive words of your opponent “to ignore the ears,” as if he is not saying this about you, but about someone else.

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