How to treat a cold without pills

Very often, in a pharmacy, you can observe customers with signs of a cold, who ask the pharmacist to advise them of a remedy more effectively. As a result, the patient leaves with a whole package of lollipops, cough syrup and powders of complex action, which, according to the manufacturer’s promise, will take temperature, sore throat, runny nose in half a minute ... And they will probably make you rich, happy and smart because they spent a very large amount of money.

Helpful advice: Before buying all these "medicines", carefully read the composition, action and results of overdose. By the way, a very similar composition may be hiding under different trade names!

How to deal with a cold without pills? To answer this question, let's remember what a cold is. Most often, this term means the following symptoms: fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain (as a result of fever), runny nose, cough, sore throat.Many also have weakness (from mild to inability to get out of bed for long), tachycardia, headache. Of course, the common cold can do without some symptoms.

Attention! If the sore throat, cough and runny nose are completely ignored, there is a significant risk of getting the corresponding complications!

Struggling with temperature without pills

Greatly alleviate the state of wiping with vinegar or vodka diluted with water. Additionally, doctors recommend to drink more, for example, fruit drinks from cranberries or lingonberries, tea with raspberries will be helpful.

Fighting a sore throat without pills

If there is no sore throat, it is enough to use rinsing for pain in the throat (with soda, tincture of eucalyptus, calendula, pharmacy chamomile will also work). Lightened condition and intensely warm drink (tea or water, which you can add a little lemon juice, honey).

We struggle with a cold without pills

Doctors recommend flushing your nose with salt water. You can also hear the advice to drip in the nose onion juice, aloe juice.

Struggling with cough without pills

Drink to relieve cough, the recipe is passed down from generation to generation, - warm milk with honey and butter.It is also worth remembering about the old, but no less effective mustard plasters, which warm the chest well for bronchitis. If you have banks and you know how to put them - also good.

Toning the body without pills

Well, to improve immunity and fight weakness it is worth increasing the number of apples, oranges in the diet. Buy rosehip syrup or stock the hips in the fall and brew them together (or instead) with tea.

Attention! Remember that natural products can also cause allergies, do not have the expected effect. Before treatment, consult with an experienced doctor!

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