How to treat arthritis of the knee

Conservative Arthritis Treatments

As a rule, when detecting the first signs of a disease, various methods of treatment achieve high results. For the treatment of knee arthritis are used:
- physiotherapy - includes treatment with electric current, ultrasound therapy, acupuncture, exposure to a laser beam, magnetic pulses, etc .;
- drug treatment - treatment in the form of tablets, ointments, injections allows you to relieve inflammation, reduce tissue swelling, relieve painful sensations;
- physical therapy - with the help of physical exercises of a certain load improves the mobility of the knee joint, blood flow is restored, pain is eliminated;
- therapeutic mud - mud therapy is carried out under the supervision of a specialist, the session is 20-30 minutes for a month;
- therapeutic massage - correct movements allow you to relieve pain and completely get rid of the disease, but you cannot do it during an exacerbation of arthritis.

Surgical methods for the restoration of the knee joint

If the disease is not treated in time, conservative methods are practically ineffective. When the form is running, the specialist makes the decision of the surgery There are three types of surgical treatment:
- arthroplasty, which is used in severe arthritis, is a replacement for the affected joint with an artificial knee joint;
- arthroplasty is used for impaired blood supply to the tissues, in which the dying off of small fragments of cartilage occurs;
- osteotomy - setting the bone in the most advantageous position.

Recommendations for effective treatment

During the period of treatment and recovery of the knee joint is recommended to pay attention to the diet. It should be dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables. To nourish cartilage take vitamins and trace elements. Negative effects on the course of the disease alcoholic beverages, salt, sugar, smoking.
To reduce the load on the affected part of the leg, you should wear special shoes. Swimming and cycling at moderate speeds are ideal for joint development.

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