How to treat herpes during pregnancy

You will need
  • - antiherpetic ointment;
  • - fir oil;
  • - chamomile cream;
  • - ointment from calendula flowers.
Herpes - cold sores on the lips and nose. They are caused by a virus that is in an inactive form in the body of the majority, sometimes completely healthy people, which may never manifest itself. But if suddenly certain favorable conditions appear in the form of a weakened immunity (with the sameof pregnancy), then guard! Therefore, it is necessary even long before the planning of the child to undergo a complex of special tests, especially if you had previously had signs of this disease in order to treat him in advance. But it often happens that the moment is missed, and the disease manifested itself already in the period of gestation. How to treat herpes intimeof pregnancy?
The safest are special ointments and creams againstherpeswhich can usually be bought over the counter without a prescription.Your doctor may prescribe immunoglobulins or herbal immunostimulants, as well as vitamin B or dietary supplements. It is not only possible, but necessary, to consult with a specialist in this case, as well as periodically undergo an ultrasound and donate blood for analysis. Especially if you are sick in the first trimesterof pregnancy, because it is the most important in shaping the body of the future baby. And also if the manifestation of the virus occurred for the first time, because it indicates a weakening of the body's defenses.
Use antiherpetic ointments (creams) such as acyclovir, oxolinic, alpizarin, thromontadine, or interferon solution. The main thing - more often, for greater efficacy of the drug. Feel free to use homeopathy - fir oil, chamomile cream or calendula ointment.
Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, eggs, chicken, raisins and chocolate, drink tea with honey, as they stimulate the increase in immunity and accelerate the fight against the virus. Health to you and your baby. And remember to treat herpes intimeof pregnancymust be under the constant supervision of a doctor!

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