How to turn one orchid into a hundred?

Would you like to have an entire orchid greenhouse on your windowsill? To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy dozens of colors! Our florist Nelly Murashkina knows how to do it absolutely free!

How to stimulate root growth?

Only one orchid can grow more than a hundred flowers! For this you will needsphagnum moss(100-150 g). It is dry, so it must be soaked in water. From the sodden moss with a thread you need to form 2 balls. Using the same thread tightly, but carefully, so as not to damage the plant, reel the moss to the base of the sprout - the so-called "baby".

Next you need to createGreenhouse effect.To do this, wrap the moss film. It is important to take it off every day for at least half an hour to air out the moss and prevent it from becoming moldy. When the film is removed, you need to spray the moss. After 10 days, the first roots will appear. And to plant the sprouts can be, when it appears at least 3 roots.

Multicolored orchids


Take a bloomed orchid andcut the stemordinary scissors.Step back about 1 centimeter from the roots and then cut cuttings 10–15 centimeters long. Cuttings plant in a small, oblong and with holes in the bottom of the pot. Put some sand into it and distribute the remaining moss. And it is important - before planting it is necessary to moisten the soil. Plant carefully cuttings at a distance of 3 centimeters from each other. Cover them with cling film to create a greenhouse effect. And after 3-4 months, the cuttings will take root, and the plants will be planted in separate pots. You also need to air the planted cuttings in the morning and evening for 15 minutes and moisten the soil. It is very important to make indoor temperature drop of 4 ° C.

When the soil and the cutting sites of sprouts dry up - after about 3-7 days - you needfertilize orchids. But in order not to burn tender young roots, before this, be sure to water the plant. And then place the pot in a bowl of water in which the fertilizer is diluted. It is enough to leave the cuttings there for half an hour.

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