How to use cosmetics for problematic skin?

The pursuit of beauty is completely natural to human nature. All people want to seem a little better than they really are. This is probably the person’s progress.

The fair sex is especially sought after to be beautiful and to have healthy skin. After all, the skin of a woman, as if a business card, can bring both a positive and a negative point when creating a first impression about her. It is not at all difficult for the owners of healthy and beautiful skin to care for her, emphasizing her natural beauty with decorative cosmetics.
And what should those who have problem skin do? How to use cosmetics and is it worth it at all? First, you should visit the Korean cosmetics online store, where you will meetlarge selection of high-quality cosmetics.
Easy tips
To tell the truth, in case of problem skin, cosmetologists advise to completely abandon decorative cosmetics. But only few will be able to drop makeup today.
The owners of problematic skin should follow a few simple tips that will allow them to feel more comfortable and their skin to look much healthier. See them.
• It is necessary to limit the use of tonal means, powder and blush, which expands the pores, reduces the access of oxygen to the skin and forms an alkaline environment conducive to the development of eruptions.
• The masking pencil is better to use light tones, as it creates the effect of clear skin.
• Blush should be replaced by shadows corresponding shade a: they do not contain ingredients that contribute to blockage of sebaceous glands.
• Powder is better to give preference crumbly: it is much safer,more compact.
• You shouldn’t buy cosmetics of dubious quality and unfamiliar manufacturer. Basically sold such cosmetics on the market or in non-specialized stores. Cosmetics tony moly - the choice of professionals.
• It’s better to use lipstick .
• When applying make-up, emphasis should be placed on the eyes. It distracts from skin blemishes. Lipstick for the same reason should be bright.
• For the night, be sure to wash cosmetics off the face.
• It is recommended to wash your face at least 3 times a day cool or room temperature with water.
• Brushes and sponges for applying makeup should wash every day.

• You can use cream in it can be bought in the store

Use care products
Owners of problem skin should pay special attention to her care products. Here are some simple rules that apply to them.
1. To clean the problem skin should be a soft peeling.Scrub can cause skin irritation and damage to the sebaceous glands.
2. The use of ointments that contain petroleum jelly and petrolatum oil should be completely ruled out. These products cause blockages in the sebaceous glands.
3. Greasy creams, as well as sunscreen is best not to use.
4. Do not wipe the skin with alcohol. Alcohol has the property of easily destroying the lipid layer of the skin, protecting it from moisture loss and preventing excessive peeling. By the way, it is lipids that connect the skin scales with each other, as well as resist the growth of bacteria. Thus, rubbing the skin with alcohol-containing products promotes the appearance of new rashes.
5. Solid soap also has the property of destroying the lipid layer of the skin, so it should be replaced with a washing foam.
If you follow these simple recommendations and rules, you can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, as well as prevent the appearance of new rashes.
And here's another,the main thing for a woman not to forget that she is the most beautiful and most attractive on the planet! Glitter in the eyes, confidence - and the lady is irresistible, no matter what!

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