How to use the program to create websites

Run the Mozilla SeaMonkey package (Firefox will not work). Select the menu item "File" - "Create" - "Linker Page".
In the new window that opens, save the document by selecting the menu item "File" - "Save File". Note that the window for entering the file name and selecting a folder for it will open only after specifying the page title. This header may not be the same as the file name. The latter should be Latin to eliminate incompatibility problems with hosting services. Use the file extension htm or html.
Type the text of the page you want to automatically turn into HTML code. Periodically save the file by clicking on the floppy icon.
In the "Linker" there are buttons to make the text fragments italic and bold, as well as their underlining. Similar keys can be found in text editors. Highlighting a piece of text, turn on and off with these buttons its attributes in any combination.
To place in the desired place on the page image, click on the icon with a palette. Then click the button "Select file", go to the desired folder, specify the file and press the "OK" key. Please note that this file must then be placed on the server, otherwise visitors to the site will not see the image.
Like text editors, Linker allows you to place tables in generated HTML files. To do this, use the menu item "Table" - "Insert" - "Table". Specify the number of rows and columns, click "OK", and then fill in the table.
In the lower left corner of the window there is a four-button mode switch. The default button is “Normal”. Using the “HTML tags” and “Source code” buttons, you can turn on view modes, respectively, of the main or all page tags. The code can be edited manually. And to see how the page will look in the browser, press the "Preview" key. Then, to continue editing, return to the “Normal” mode.

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