Olesya Fominykh

Practicing psychologist-psychotherapist, hypnologist.

Olesya Fominykh's ability to practice medicine began in early childhood, which led to enrollment at a medical school at the age of 14. At school she first became interested in psychology, attended a special course and understood: this is exactly what interests her most in medicine. She began to read specialized literature on psychology, psychotherapy, discovered the ability to hypnosis, the introduction of a person into a state of trance, the gift of belief.

After graduating from college, Olesya thought about entering a medical school, but decided to study neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), also based on some methods of M. Erickson's hypnosis. However, the material of the courses on NLP seemed to her too superficial, and she decided to focus on further study of suggestive psychotherapy, psychology and well-known hypnotic techniques: in particular, classical and Ericksonian hypnosis, widely used in modern psychotherapeutic practice.

Among the best graduated from the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.After receiving a diploma, she focused on the practice of medical practice and the treatment of patients with the help of hypnosis, as one of the most effective methods of mental influence for therapeutic purposes.

At the moment, Olesya Fominykh is improving herself in the profession as a psychologist-psychotherapist and hypnologist - for her there is nothing more important than helping people.

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If a woman has no sex for a long time, does it somehow affect the female body? exactly from a medical point of view? Is this harmful or is this myth invented by men? Is it the quality of sex that matters, or is it just about having good sex?


I want to lose weight, but it only succeeds in the best moments of my life - caring for a seriously ill relative, for example. And in the best years I add 5 kg a year and have already reached 125 kg with height of 178. What should I do?


Olesya, hello. I have a question: a teenage child is very dependent on the computer and other gadgets. It seems that if he were his will, he would not get up for hours because of the computer.


My son was born 09/02/1994 he is going to study in America. I want and do not want. I want for him and I do not want for me.Beloved, he is ten years younger than me. He wants to marry the same age. I wanted to give birth to 43 years, but apparently it would not work anymore because.


I put myself in the last place in everything. I know that this is not right, but I have raised me like this. at the moment I’m left with one son leaving for America to study and really don’t want loneliness and I don’t trust men only they know how to hurt.


Until the fifth grade, I was an excellent student at school. Any mathematical examples of many-valued numbers added, subtracted, multiplied, divided instantly. After reading the problem immediately said the answer without wasting time on its solution. In fifth grade, I moved into a threesome.


Hello Olesya I was born on 04/08/1973 and my favorite is 04/30.


How to understand what you like to do? I tried myself in different areas, but not one has lured me so far, but I want to work and want to do something that will be fun .. Thank you!


Hello, how to develop our relationship, I-12.05.1967, he 10/1/1967?

The second year this man does not come out of my head, he is married and I am married (my husband is 26.10.

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