I bet you forgot? What ended favorite TV series

We remember which heroes of TV shows we watched on TV in childhood and adolescence.

If the ending of love serials is always very clear (after a certain number of series the characters will marry and live happily ever after), then the plot always contains intrigues about aliens, wizards, fairy tale characters and tourists left on an uninhabited island ... The Alpha 102 series or the Lost 121 series ended? Then our selection for you!

Friends, 1994–2004

Photo: a frame from the series

The project called "Friends" lasted as much as 10 years! It is not surprising that during such a time, many viewers could switch their attention to another series or simply go about their business without knowing what the last episode ended with ... Let's just say, all the characters had everything turned out well. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) canceled the move to Paris and stayed with Ross (David Schwimmer), while Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) gave birth to the long-awaited twins (they named the boy Jack after Monica’s father,and the girl - Erica in honor of the biological mother). At the end of the series, friends gather in the apartment to say goodbye to her forever, now everyone has a new life.

Alpha, 1986–1990

Photo: a frame from the series

The episode about an alien who crashes into the garage of an ordinary American Tanner family on his flying saucer and stays with them could be called a comedy if not for his ending. In the 102nd series, Alf receives a message from his fellows and decides to leave the foster family in order to return to his homeland. But alas. When our hero went out to the field to meet friends from another planet, the military noticed him and ... took him to him. It would have been ok if the audience had not been informed at the beginning of the first season that Alpha, except for the Tanners and their loved ones, should not have been known to anyone, because the very army of the military had dreamed of finding an alien to conduct experiments on it.

However, the directors of Alpha later admitted that they did not plan such a cruel ending. According to their idea, the 102nd series should not have been the last. Moreover, they were going to shoot another season, according to the plot of which the main character could have escaped and amuse us with several more episodes. Yeah.It is a pity that the series was closed.

“Harry and Henderson”, 1991–1993

Photo: a frame from the series

The series "Harry and Henderson", fortunately, ended not as sad as "Alph". At least, the American Henderson family managed to save the Bigfoot from hunters and policemen. As soon as they learned that the hunt began for Harry, whom they sheltered in their house, they took the hero away from civilization. The blessing in the native lands the snow man immediately found his relatives. Here is a happy end.

"Xena is the warrior queen", 1995–2001

Photo: a frame from the series

Six years and six seasons followed the warrior Xena from ancient Greece, who went either to the side of evil, or to the side of good. However, few people remember that the last 134th episode ended in the death of the main character. But she and her partner, Gabrielle, fulfilled an old dream: she defeated the evil Yodosha and his twenty thousand samurai army. Commendable!

Charmed, 1998–2006

Photo: a frame from the series

The series about three sisters who found a book of spells in the attic of their home and found magical powers, showed eight years. What only during this time did not happen to our heroines! But the main thing is that in the last 178th series each of them gained its happiness.The eldest, Piper, who most of all sisters sought a normal life, married her guardian Leo and bore him two sons, Phoebe, after several unsuccessful novels, played a wedding to Cupid and gave birth to three daughters, and the youngest, Paige, decided to marry a mere mortal, a police officer Henry, and presented him with a son and twin girls. Incredibly cute finale ...

"Smallville", 2001-2011

Photo: a frame from the series

Ten years and ten seasons of a sci-fi series based on Superman comics ended rather inconsistently for fans of Clark Lana's girlfriend. The fact is that the girl did not meet with the main character and left Smallville. However, our boyfriend was still happy. He married Lois and in his spare time began to save this world. By the way, at the end of the last series he first put on a superman costume. For the sake of this frame, perhaps, it was worth watching the "Mysteries of Smallville."

“Lost”, 2004–2010

Photo: a frame from the series

The creators of the series “Lost” could rightfully receive an award for the most unexpected finale of their project. Just imagine the reaction of the audience, who were worried about their favorite characters,who ended up on a desert island when they learned that in the last episode everyone died ... It turns out that the characters' struggle for life and their fantasy movements in parallel worlds were in vain.

“Gossip Girl”, 2007–2012

Photo: a frame from the series

Six seasons of drama, based on the series of the same name by Cecily von Zigezar's novels about the life of schoolchildren from the elite district of New York, were shown to us for five years. During this time, the characters quarreled and made up, fell in love and were disappointed. But in the end they found themselves and their happiness. Especially lucky main characters - friends Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Mister). The first one married her boyfriend Dan, and the second one stayed with Chuck. Opened in the last series and the main intrigue, who throughout the series gave all the secrets of the characters. And this man, oddly enough, turned out to be ... the previously mentioned boyfriend of Serena Dan! Fortunately, in the finals he stopped keeping his diary, saying that now Gossip Girl is dead.

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