Ideas from plastic bottles for home and garden!

Masters and beginners use crafts from plastic bottles for the interior, as garden decor and in the form of practical furniture. Colored caps from plastic bottles are an excellent material for mosaic panels on walls and fences. The best ideas with detailed instructions and photos can be easily realized at the country house, turning a bare plot into a “glade of fairy tales” and filling the house with useful trifles.

Roman Ursu, one of the most crazy hands on the runet, presented a freaky video in which he showed 70 ways to use plastic bottles.

Advantages of crafts from plastic containers

A well-made souvenir or knickknack will eventually grow into a hobby if there are no limits to fantasy. They do not cease to admire summer residents, who have switched from simple hedges on a wire to buildings that delight with their scope.

Of the available material that many are throwing away, someone is building:

  • greenhouse;
  • carport;
  • summer shower or bath;
  • country toilet or shed;
  • a summer gazebo or a visor from the sun;
  • teremok for children or a playground;
  • sandbox with decorative sides;
  • various temporary buildings on the site.

Plastic over time becomes a real environmental disaster - it is difficult to dispose of it. But it is necessary to attract to the cleaning of the territory of all those who are not indifferent, and there will be a whole mountain of empty PET bottles for the construction of a greenhouse, a cascade flower bed or vertical gardening. The only drawback - a long collection of identical containers, as the containers produce a different color and volume.


To create an original decoration is required:

  • interesting idea;
  • ready-made role model (illustration);
  • material for crafts with tools;
  • walkthrough tutorial plan.

In the hands of this master plastic bottles acquire a second life, becoming functional objects. Souvenirs are best done on a seasonal basis. For example, Christmas toys are made in the winter, practical summer houses built in the summer, and in the spring and autumn it remains to build a “field of fairy tales” near the house for children.

Furniture and furnishings from plastic bottles

Furniture made of plastic bottles looks like a masterpiece, not available to everyone.They will need a lot of plastic containers of the same sample. Sofas and poufs are impressive in their design and comfort, not conceding real furniture. There is nothing difficult if you make a sofa in blocks - a seat, back, sidewalls. If the packaging is not enough, the sofa blocks can be made alternately. It is better when collecting bottles from under one drink, for example, two-liter kvass or lemonade.

The principle of “assembling” furniture from bottles is simple - they are exposed in layers and tightly wrapped with tape. To make the furniture more soft and springy, a little air is released from each bottle and tightly twisted. At the place where the cap, cut out the cap from another bottle and primatvayut tape. It turns out the block, which on both sides of the bottom - this is the basis of furniture.

Further all depends on imagination, type of furniture and quantity of available bottles. Scotch tape was wound up with 7 tanks of the same volume; the basis for the padding is obtained. What will be its appearance and style depends on the master. For soft sitting you will need a round pillow or a block of foam rubber to the size of the top. The cover is cut out by the size of a padded stool in the form of a cylinder, and along the side seams it is convenient to insert a zipper, but it is easier to sew upholstery tightly.

To build a coffee table, you need 4 stands of plastic bottles and a plywood board as a countertop, which you can hide with a long tablecloth. In a similar way they make a comfortable stand for a laptop or a portable table for the garden. For large furniture (sofa, chaise longue or chair) made of plastic bottles, you will need a lot of patience and source material.

Useful things for the house of plastic bottles

Flowers and Vases

Decorating a schoolchild's bedroom or a children's room with crafts from plastic containers is not difficult. You can build a whole bunch of artificial flowers. The resulting chrysanthemums, chamomiles or roses should be placed in a vase made of the same material, supplemented with a diode lamp on an insulated wire. It will look like a night light of great beauty, where weak light shimmers in plastic petals.

The board: To give the leaves a special shape, use the heating of the blanks and folding the corners with forceps!

To place a homemade bouquet, you will need a suitable vessel, just cutting off a part of the bottle is not aesthetically pleasing. The edges of the cut mark on the ruler to make cutting, securing the result of heating the bends.A small transparent bottle is cut to the very top, about half of the large capacity is cut off. Choose a material with grooved or "waist" in the middle, so that there is an interesting base.

Further we do as the imagination allows, but the edges are beautifully bent. Fringed cut is obtained from vertical or diagonal notches of the plastic base. The formed strip is bent evenly on the outside.

Note!It is important that all the notches and the depth of the slot are exactly the same, then the whole product will come out neat.

Depending on which edge is desired, the strips of the vase (the edges of any other product) are fixed in different ways:

  • figured bend;
  • stapler staples;
  • fusing;
  • gluing with transparent polymers.

Pots, flower pots and seedlings

Color plastic containers in the form of bottles and bottles of different volumes are suitable as containers for growing living plants. It is very easy to make a fragrant balcony from 3-liter cisterns - a cascade of ampel petunias. Fragrant flowers hanging from cut containers, will help to realize the dream of a beautiful paradise.

The big bottles cut in half and the tanks are hung up and down and the lid. It is recommended to lay large pebbles on the bottom for drainage. Excess water after watering will go to the plants in the lower rows. In the same containers, plants are grown without soil - hydroponically with the addition of fertilizers. Fresh greens and seedlings (in urban and dacha conditions) are also germinated in prepared plastic bottles.

The board: Use a compact form and the ability to hang containers for vertical gardening with automatic irrigation. In the absence of the owners, watering cans with water immersed in the soil will cope with plant moistening.

Traps and feeders

With the help of plastic bottles, you can repel pests or attract birds to the site. For this, the tank is used as a feeder, and traps from bottles with chemicals are placed at the roots of fruit trees. The craftsmen build traps for wasps from the double plastic tank, where they fly into the sweet water and cannot get back.

Suburban area equipment

In the country "in haste" it is easy to build crafts from plastic bottles in the form of an improvised washstand, hanging the full bottle upside down. It is necessary to unscrew the lid a little, and a small stream of water will help wash and wash your hands.It is also worth making a shop and arranging lighting with beautiful owls or gnomes of their plastic. Any garden decor for inspiration - on interesting illustrations.

Multifunctional items for home

Make an original cosmetic bag from 2 bottoms of plastic bottles, stitching the edges with a zipper. This box can be used as a multifunctional item - a piggy bank, a case for large beads, pins or jewelry.

From a similar ball hanging somewhere close, it is convenient to knit, pulling the thread from the inside of the ball. Nail polish or a collection of lipsticks is easier to find in an improvised box with a zipper.

New Year's decor


Original all seasonal flower gardens

The summer season is over, and homemade flowers made of plastic, not inferior in beauty to the present, are replacing living flower beds. Their advantage is the ability to decorate the territory at any time. These flower beds fade against the background of living plants, but in the early spring and late autumn only they attract rapt views.

For daisies, small white plastic containers (petals), yellow (middle) and green (leaves) will be needed.You will also need an awl and a candle (for warming up), “liquid nails”, scissors and hard wire in green insulation.

The base of the white bottle is cut to the center, marking out 16 segments - these are petals. Fold the neat edges over the flame of the candle, also perform 2-3 chamomile corollae, which we join in the center with an awl. Here the stem is fixed with leaves on a green wire, closing with a center. The center of the flower is filled with a yellow basket with small cuts from 2 finely dissected circles with a fringe bent over the candle. We supplement the flower with green sepals from the bottom, collect all the parts and fix them together.

From the remaining pieces of green plastic we cut the leaves with a hole at the base (for stringing) and give the desired shape, warming over the candle flame. On the wire cutter we attach the leaves, they should slightly bend it. It remains for the chamomile to make several "companions" and find a bouquet worthy place.

All seasonal flowerbeds include mosaic compositions of containers filled with earth. From the covers make wall panels. "Butterfly" or "ladybug" - in different versions.

Crafts from plastic bottles on the playground

The incredible beauty of a bird with a plastic tail is a whole "glade of fairy tales." It is a peacock or a feather-bird, swans, pigeons, bullfinches and parrots. All of them are made from empty PET bottles on the general principle:

  1. Design the aesthetic head of a bird with eyes and beak;
  2. Build the torso and neck;
  3. Strung plastic plumage;
  4. Equip with wings and tail;
  5. Plant on the legs or fasten on the selected surface.

Plastic swans can be fenced off by a blue "lake" of inverted plastic bottles. Strange birds will decorate the trees in the corner of the garden, which is reserved for children's games. You can choose a themed decor, for example, a desert island with palm trees and parrots.


Helpful Tips

The material is collected for a year, but it is easier to connect to the idea of ​​"ecological" cleaning neighbors and acquaintances. In the courtyards there are special containers for plastic - to collect a lot easier.

Preparation for work - removing labels and glue residues from plastic bottles; it is important to rinse well and discard the deformed material.

If vertical fences are constructed, they need to be filled. Depending on the idea, sand, stone chips or dry soil are poured into PET bottles, buried 1/3 of their neck down.

For selected purposes, use plastic of different elasticity.Heat treatment is required for delicate work (flowers). It is important not to overheat the slices cut into strips.

For fairy-tale characters, sometimes additional painting is required. For example, pink piglets for the playground is better to spray with spray cans, fixing a transparent acrylic paint.

Plastic bottles are great stuff in skillful hands. Using them as a basis, it is easy to teach children a lesson in environmental education and fill the house or site with practical things. With a creative approach, the color, volume and shape of plastic bottles themselves will suggest new ideas for an exciting creative process.

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