In such an apron you will feel like a magician in the kitchen

A real mistress should have at least one apron, made by own hands. By the way, all experienced seamstresses say that it is the apron that will help you master all the basics of work. And if you do not know how to sew, but want to learn, it is better to start with sewing an apron. It's so easy!

We offer you interesting styles of aprons

If desired, you can sew an apron for a little hostess.

The material for the apron should be strong enough, as it will often need to be washed.

Fabric for the apron must necessarily be practical

But also chintz, satin, flax will perfectly cope with the task, though from time to time such apron will need to be sent to the washing machine. Some housewives prefer to use jeans pockets, harnesses for finishing the apron and details from clothes that are no longer worn.

Then you need to take measurements

The shape of a single cut apron can be chosen at will:

The apron can be an unusual cut:

Unusual cut of the apron, which does not need to be tied.

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