Indications for manual therapy

Manual Therapy: Indications

Manual therapy facilitates the course of or helps to cure the following diseases: spinal injuries, spinal hernia, osteochondrosis, sciatica, pain in the heart area, disturbance of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The chiropractor should be treated with the following complaints: lumbago (sudden acute back pain), lumbodynia (subacute or chronic lower back pain), lumbar ischialgia (dragging pain in the leg, combined with discomfort and back pain.
This method of treatment is also indicated for pains in the neck, in the back (in the area of ​​the shoulder blades), in the projection of the heart with a normal electrocardiogram, numbness of the fingers or toes, limitation of mobility in the spine and in large joints, pain in the elbows, shoulder joints, knees, hip joints, coccyx, frequent headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, memory impairment, impaired concentration, memory impairment.Such complaints are most often caused by osteochondrosis of the spine, protrusions, and hernias of intervertebral disks. In these cases, manual therapy has a quick and lasting effect.
The main reason for the development of these pathologies is the incorrect operation of the spine during movements, while maintaining posture. In this case, the load on the intervertebral discs is unevenly distributed, as a result, sooner or later they begin to collapse. Manual therapy “makes” the spine work properly, therefore this method is considered the most effective means of preventing and treating protrusions, hernias, and osteochondrosis. When the function of the spinal column is normalized, nerve fibers and vessels in the problem zone are relieved from infringement, normal blood supply and venous outflow are restored.

Contraindications to treatment with manual therapy

Manual therapy is contraindicated in tumors of the spine, brain and spinal cord and brain, limbs, joints, internal organs, infectious, inflammatory processes in the joints and spine, injuries of the spine and joints, and conditions after spinal surgery.It should not be carried out with fragments of sequestered hernia, disk myelopathy, acute gastrointestinal diseases, organs of the chest cavity, acute disorders of the cerebral and coronary circulation, infections, high blood pressure above 180 mm. Hg
Relative contraindications to manual therapy include pregnancy for more than 12 weeks, arthrosis of 3-4 degrees, accrete vertebral fractures and injuries of intervertebral discs prior to the formation of callus, vertebral osteochondrosis in the acute stage, the disease of Forestier, pronounced anomalies of the spine, instability of the vertebral segments 3 degrees.

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