Interesting and original autumn manicure (11 photos)

If a girl considers herself to be a real fashionista, then she should follow not only the novelties of clothing footwear and accessories, but also, of course, manicure. It seems to be such a trifle, which, according to some people, is not so noticeable.

And this is a mistake, because when the nails are well-groomed and decorated in the latest fashion - this is a sign of good taste and upbringing. When the time comes for the change of one season by another, I want to keep up with what is happening and harmoniously merge with the world around me, even if it concerns nails.

Each season can offer its own new products, and there is also a certain, long-established, classic, which will always be relevant and fashionable. So, let's understand how it is necessary to choose colors and shades so that a beautiful autumn manicure on your fingers blends in harmoniously with the environment, and also does not get tired to please with its diversity and beauty.

Surely, everyone knowsthat every time is associated with its shades and colors, the same principle should be followed in manicure, complementing the colors with its own stylistic interpretation.

It is easy to guess that in the autumn design the dominant position is occupied by a yellow-brown palette, which reflects the state of nature at a given point in time. This is, by the way, the main distinguishing feature of the autumn manicure from all others.

Of course, the shades with which girls associate autumn manicure are quite a lot: beige, burgundy, cream, orange, golden, purple, chocolate, olive, mustard, and even khaki.

These colors look great both individually and in the whole ensemble, harmoniously combining and intertwining. Leading neo-designers advise not to dwell only on a monochrome design, but to go much further, experimenting with prints and textures, forget about manicure in the classical sense, and dream up about the postmodern, bright avant-garde and incredible pop art.

The will of fantasy, a little patience and magic, and then you will get really interesting variants of nail design, which most likely can be called unique in their own way.

News and trends

Retro style

This season, more than ever, the motives of the 60s are popular, they can be traced not only in manicure, but even in clothes. What does he associate with? These are dark plum and languid colors that reflect the postmodern shades of those years.

Most of the famous designer fashion houses have recently presented their understanding of the fashionable autumn manicure for the coming season. It consisted in matte shades of dark wine, plum and dark maroon shades occupied the dominant position on the short nails of the models. Such drama probably reflects the state of the season and its melancholic motifs.

Another short-term trend of fashion podiums of this season has become black short nails of models, but it seems so only at first glance. In fact, the manicure was created from several layers of dark varnishes in green, blue, red and brown colors, which create a deceptive impression when applying several layers.

However, not only matte shades are in fashion, but also mirror coatings of silver and gold shades, which cannot but attract attention.

French manicure and its variations

Constant classics, which do not get tired of decorating with new ideas, and also bring in the notes of avant-garde and cubism. For example, it is difficult to recognize the classic French manicure, which is “dressed” in the skin of reptiles, animal skins, The unfading trend of many seasons - the coloring of the “smile” zone with snake prints, tiger or zebra stripes, and also leopard spots.

It is absolutely easy to make such manicure options; it is enough to keep in your possession a thin lacquer brush and a toothpick; you can do with an ordinary needle. Such tools will be necessary for you to draw details, but in the beauty salons there are special devices that perform this work automatically.

"Smiles" of marigolds can also be dressed in monochrome colors, use the autumn shades, which we mentioned above. And if you want to get autumn drawings on nails that will match the time of the year not only in color, then the French will come to your aid again. The fashionable theme of this season, which has already flown around more than one nail salon, is the fallen leaves, which peacefully adorn themselves on the tips of their nails.

Usually, for making such a manicure, a jacket is used as a basis, staining the tip of the nail in a dark color, for example, dark brown. After that, we begin to engage in creativity.

Do not be scared, in order to portray the leaves, you do not have to be an artist, just apply a drop of varnish on the prepared nail that shade that will depict the leaf. After that, using a toothpick or dots, stretch the droplets a little to the sides, creating the pointed tips of the maple leaf.

When the lacquer dries out, then for greater likelihood, the outline of the leaves can be brought in a dark shade of the same color, and then add a little shine. Of course, we do not forget about fixing the picture with transparent varnish.

Some more autumn ideas

Of course, autumn is a long time, three months with only leaves, it can get boring. But this has a solution. After all, autumn can be associated not only with fallen leaves, but also, for example, with flowers.

Of course, it is necessary to turn to those species that grow in autumn, for example, asters or dahlias. To depict such flowers on your nails is very simple, in fact, you need to draw snowflakes with a lot of ray-petals. For the sake of persuasiveness, you can add a few green strokes that will represent the stem and a couple of leaves.

Flowers - this is too trite, some may say, especially the girls who are so tempted in this regard. Autumn is a varied season of the year, which is famous for its vegetable and fruit crops, as well as the famous holiday - Halloween.

Cute pumpkins and candles should not be overlooked if you think through creative autumn nail design. Such manicure options are, of course, best suited for young girls with slender fingers, otherwise such drawings may look somewhat awkward.

Natural beauty

Sensual and discreet manicure constantly keeps on the top lines of the charts, not losing positions every year. Delicate shades of pink, beige and cream colors will always look advantageous, and most importantly not catchy.

If you want to add a little shine, you can glue a couple of shiny pebbles or rhinestones that can diversify your daily manicure.

By the way, the baroque theme, which is characterized by a desire for luxury, also occupies the leading lines in the fashionable autumn trends of this year.

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