Interesting facts about arcade games

A huge number of people around the world are playing computer games. Some are so widespread that anyone knows them. But even the most famous and discussed game has its own “secrets” and interesting facts that few people know about.

Arcade games, perhaps, are the most common genre of all. Due to the fact that the gameplay requires quick decision-making and constantly keep the player on their toes, many show an interest in arcades.

It is worth noting that about 80 percent of flash games that have become popular recently belong to the arcade genre. In addition to the fascinating plot of the players, they attract bright graphics, which make it possible to create very good worlds and completely immerse gamers in them.

Probably no one will argue that the most famous game of arcade genre is "Mario". Here are some interesting facts about this famous character and a series of games that have become a real find for many generations of players:

- the first steps Mario made on the arcade slot machine Donkey Kong.Initially, his name was Jumpman (Jumping Man);

- there is an opinion that the name of Mario was given to the hero by a funny and ridiculous accident. The fact is that in 1980, the American office of the developer was in troubled times. Then even for renting a building there was nothing to pay. During the next visit of the landlord, an agreement was reached to extend the lease term. As compensation, the developers called the hero of his game in honor of the building owner - Mario;

- one of the essential attributes of the protagonist of the game, in addition to the mustache and jumpsuit, is a cap. The cap “to give” to this character was decided for a simple reason - the meager capabilities of computers of that time did not allow developers to draw the hero's hair. They came out of the situation in such a simple way. And Mario’s mustache appeared because drawing a mouth for a virtual artist of that time was an impossible task;

- The game "Mario Brothers" hit the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling in the history of computer games.

Many argue that interest in the genre of arcade games began to appear precisely because of a series of adventures of Mario.Fans of this genre can confirm that a huge number of games created after this legendary product, their plot resemble "Mario". Even after many years, developers do not deprive this character of attention, now and then new games appear where the main character is Mario.

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