It became known why Queen Elizabeth wears the same shoes.

An interesting fact has already caused public debate. And someone began to respect her Majesty even more.

Now it is clear why the queen scolded Megan Markle for expensive shopping, Elizabeth herself has been wearing only five, or even seven, shoes.

A sensational confession was made by David Hyatt, director of the shoe company Davide, coaxing the queen. According to the man, the woman wears the same shoes for many years.

Photo: Legion-Media

The main requirement that a 92-year-old monarch makes to shoes is convenience and simplicity. In her youth, Elizabeth wore shoes with a higher heel, but for the last half century she prefers low-heeled shoes no higher than 5 centimeters.

These shoes are called "workers" at Buckingham Palace because Elizabeth puts them on during trips and exits. They are made from the best calf leather by hand four best shoemaker company Davide.

The shoes are very expensive and cost, they say, £ 1,000 ($ 1,700), but it’s not for nothing that Elizabeth II is a very practical woman and saves everything. And shoes are no exception.She doesn’t change shoes every time she wears her heels, but she does change one heel, and in this way wears practically the same shoes for many years.

Now get ready and really be surprised. In total, the queen has about 10 pairs of shoes. But all as cast. And you know why? Before the couple falls into the hands of Elizabeth, one of the maidservants carefully wears them. Namely, a woman with exactly the same foot as the queen.

Diffusing is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. He is accompanied by a whole ritual. The maid is wearing royal shoes in beige cotton socks ankle-deep. She walks with it only on carpets.

And only after Cinderella believes that shoes are raznosheny, the queen holds the final fitting. The last word, of course, always remains for Elizabeth.

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