It is scientifically proven that forgetfulness is a sign of an intelligent person.

Returning from the store, you found that you bought everything, but not what you went for? And a week earlier for an hour could not remember the name of the film or the name of the director to share information with an employee? If such situations are familiar to you - do not despair. This is just evidence that the brain works perfectly, and you yourself are not without intellect and are able to think logically. All this is not a fantasy at all, but a scientifically proven fact! Canadian researchers Paul Frankland (Paul Frankland) and Blake Richards (Blake Richards) after several years of work, that the tendency of a person to forgetfulness is not a disadvantage, but a sign of a great mind.

The ability to permanently forget the superfluous and to send part of the information "for safekeeping" to the right moment is not given to a person by chance.


According to Blake Richards, this allows us not to dwell on trifles, but to think globally.To make decisions in this case, it takes much less time, and the load of unnecessary details is left out. An added bonus is an analytical approach to resolving issues. Focusing on fundamental things avoids overloads — the brain simply blocks unnecessary information.

During normal brain function, not everything is fixed in our memory, but only the most important. It is easy to conclude that tons of information jagged by heart are not a sign of intelligence, moreover, often this “load of knowledge” makes it difficult to concentrate.

Having forgotten about any trifles once again, you should not reproach yourself. It is better to recall the results of studies proving that your memory is in perfect order and perfectly copes with its work.

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