Japanese boiled eggs

  • Aleks

    What is the difference what are the usual eggs or square?

  • Svetlana

    and where to buy such a wonderful device for boiling eggs?

  • Clara

    There is an express on Ali in the section "For boiling eggs" costs 700 with something rubles.

  • Sofia

    Tell me where you can buy such a device

  • Maria Karpova

    YEAR YELLOW DOGS. YELLOW DOG - DOG - LUCK! Give luck to your close and familiar ones!

  • Anonymous

    Alex, it is immediately clear that you are not Japanese !!!

  • Irina

    Cool, but hemorrhoids ....

  • Michael

    Unfortunately, but on Aliexpress, I did not find such a device. Tell me where else you can search.

  • Olga

    cook eggs 15 minutes, and then another 8 with yolks? Horror.

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