Jared Leto wore fans on his hands on Palace Square

Actor and musician walked around St. Petersburg - as it were.

“Russia, Palace Square. 4.45, be there. This message was posted on April 26 on Instagram by Jared Leto. And literally half an hour before the designated time. But this time was enough for a huge crowd of fans to gather near the arch of the General Staff at 4.45. Why have an arch? Someone remembered how quite recently Jared had also scheduled a meeting for fans in Paris - at the arch near the Louvre. And then he really came.

However, many had doubts that Jared would keep his promise. Moreover, at 4.45 exactly on Palace Square the rehearsal of the parade began on May 9th.

It took 15 minutes, half an hour, but the musician was not there. At that time, as it turned out, he was walking around the Book House, where the VKontakte office is also located.

26 Apr 2018 at 6:48 pdt

“The weather is bad outside, but it's Summer in the office!” - the office staff boasted in social networks.

In the meantime, fans on the Palace were waiting for Jared to appear. And suddenly, as if distraught, they rushed to the Singing Bridge with shouts. He came! Jared Leto and his team came out of a black tinted car.The fans immediately surrounded the singer with a tight ring. There were no fences, no harsh guards who would repel fans.

“How beautiful he is!” - the girls in the crowd admired. Many cried, unable to hold back emotions.

Jared sang a few songs with a guitar, simultaneously filming himself and fans on the phone for Instagram. In the crowd, he saw a very small girl and, without thinking twice, grabbed her and sat her on his shoulders.

26 Apr 2018 at 8:35 pdt

“Uncle Jared,” the girl’s mother signed the photo with her daughter. She now has something to be proud of. Her daughter Instagram live has seen Jared's millions of followers. Here is a live recording, which was shot by a musician.

26 Apr 2018 at 8:00 PDT

Well, those of the fans who did not have time to get to the Palace Square, will see his group on Friday, April 27, at a concert at the CCM.

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