Just see what ordinary wooden pallets can do with your garden.

Life in megacities is in full swing. Large cities are beckoning with their perspectives, opportunities, variety of entertainment. However, quite often people get tired of the constant city bustle and noise. They want to be in silence, alone with nature. Someone likes to dig in the ground and grow organic vegetables and fruits, someone just come for a weekend, fry, leisurely, a kebab and have a leisurely conversation with friends or family.

In any case, I want the suburban place of rest to be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, and better still practical. To do this, many hire garden designers, independently or with the help of creating a landscape interior. Often it takes a lot of time and money.

But even for those who would like to create beauty on their site, without really investing, there is an excellent solution - to transform the garden space with a material such as wooden pallets or they are also called pallets.

Catch 12 of the most interesting and practical ideas.

Flower garden

I would like to buy very beautiful planting boxes or pots for plants, however, given their price, it’s scary to leave such an acquisition on the street unattended, even if it’s in the house of the tach.

This problem can be solved with pallets. Wooden, they will look great with flowers on the veranda or as a sublime floral decoration. At the same time, such boxes are well blown out and rather durable.

Burnt-looking painted tree - quite current trend

To give your products from pallets an elegant look, it is enough to work on them with a brush and paint, varnish or stain. After that, using sandpaper, we add a shabby look to the boards - and you can use them to create any stylish garden furniture.

Raised Bed

To create such a mobile flower bed, on the lower part of the pallet you need to fix the wheels rotating in all directions, paint the outer sides. We decorate blinds, bath screens or whatever your imagination allows. Inside, the perimeter is laid out and sewn with geotextile.A layer of drainage stones is piled over it, which is covered with another piece of landscape fabric. Then it remains only to lay out a layer of soil with fertilizers and plant your favorite plants.

Bench for gardening

A convenient, beautiful and practical solution for your site can be such a garden bench. It is done simply, quickly, and will last a long time.

Cute wooden fence

Just turning the pallets upside down and making them to your liking, you get a chic small fence that can be used not only to isolate yourself from the street, but also to delimit the garden by zones.

Storage space for garden tools

It's a wonderful idea to attach the rakes, shovels, panicles that lie forever under your feet or leaning against different corners. What a saving space!

Use of pallets as beds for vegetables

Accurate, even beds of wooden pallets will undoubtedly add tidiness to your site, besides the weeds will be several times smaller.

Making an unsightly wall with flowers

And in this pallets will become your assistants. If there are places on your fence that you would prefer to hide, you can do it with the help of plants planted in the pallets knocked on to it.

Folding bench

Quite a functional thing that makes sense to use not only on the wall of the house, but also in the garage, and in any other place where you temporarily need to have at hand some devices for working.

Vertical green garden

Gardeners who grow greens, as no one knows that its various types are quite whimsical and require individual care. In order to take care of these herbs was easier, you can build such a vertical bed. And if you paint the front panels and sign the names, it will be much easier to navigate the varieties. And it looks great.

Multi-level flower bed

How interesting and original it looks, but it is not difficult to make it, and it does not take much time.

Garden bar counter

Perhaps this product will seem superfluous, but such a thing will definitely look very stylish in your summer cottage interior. And after hard work in the garden, you can allow yourself to relax near such a table of two pallets and several stone slabs.

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