Kunis, Spears, Gaga and other scruffy stars

We are accustomed to see them in brilliant costumes on the red carpet or in images from the cinema. It would seem that there can be no other way: they are stars, which means they must look perfect. But in real life, some of them are difficult to recognize on the street - the appearance leaves much to be desired ...

Fans have long made their personal rating of star-sluts, who in real life absolutely do not care about their appearance.

Spears for many years, shocking the public with their exits. Britney can be easily found on the street with dirty hair, gathered in a bun, bitten by nails (yes, the singer admitted that she could not get rid of the bad habit). And the pop star is not in a hurry to throw out stretched clothes.

Mila Kunis, known for all of her romantic images, in those moments when she is not under the sights of the cameras, can not be recognized at first glance. Dirty hair, bruises under the eyes and branded sweatshirts - you can find dozens of such pictures on the Internet.Nevertheless, Ashton Kutcher does not care about the appearance of the star - he loves her for his inner world, it seems.

Lindsay Lohan has a special place in this rating: for many years the movie star has been famous for its brawling, drunken antics and corresponding appearance.

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