lack of sexuality

Yell! I read one of the main things in the list of your professional areas: sexual magnetism is fiction or real personal characteristics. Is there a fact of the absence of sexual magnetism? And is there any reason. Very attractive girl, kind, loves children. She is 31. But men do not attract her. Or after one intimate connection cool. You can, of course, be attributed to the psychological properties of the individual, but naturally you will lose faith in yourself. It has been said before about the crown of celibacy. So you will believe it. I wanted to know your opinion. Thanks in advance.


Hello! Of course, there is no crown of celibacy. This is pure psychology. It is necessary to contact a specialist and work through this problem. It is very common and it is very difficult to say right away, not seeing a person. The reasons may be many. In any case, first of all, you need to love yourself and take care of yourself - to become independent, smart, beautiful, perhaps wealthy, etc. Then magnetism will appear and the right man will come.But this is very general advice. I repeat, you need to contact a specialist and work through the problem.

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