Lego clothes hanger

Materials and tools:

  1. board 100 x 900 mm
  2. round bars with a diameter of 34 mm;
  3. construction or carpentry glue
  4. sandpaper;
  5. saw;
  6. colorful paint;
  7. varnish;
  8. masking tape.

Step 1

Cut the round bar into 50 mm segments. To make a coat hanger you need 22 such blocks. Then carefully process the blocks with emery paper, and also skins the board.

Before gluing, place the blocks on the board and mark the places for gluing with a marker. Now put glue on the block and glue it to the board in the marked place, and so all 22 blocks. Additionally, the blocks can be fixed with screws.

Step 2

We make the painting in a well-ventilated area.

Let's get started. Before painting, mark the places for color change. Glue the masking tape and paint. Apply about 2-3 thin layers of paint and give each layer a good dry. We tear off the masking tape.

Repeating this step, paint the next part of the hanger with another paint and so on.And finally, apply a coat of furniture lacquer to protect the coat hanger.

All,Lego hangeris ready.

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